QUESTION OF THE WEEK- How did the storm affect you?


Jude Flannelly:"'I was actually on Fifth Street in South Philadelphia, and a lot of trees fell and there was kind of a riot. It was pretty horrible. So I came here, and it seemed the destruction worked its way down the East Coast."


Robin Macklin: "'I live up in Earlysville, and it kind of bypassed us. The power on my computer went on and off a couple of times, but that was it."


Ashley Brown: "I babysit for a local family, and I was stuck there for an hour before I could out of their neighborhood.Then, it took me an hour to get from the Barracks area down to Alumni Hall on 29 that night. We didn't have power at the house I was babysitting at and no power at my house for a day and a half. It was so hot I couldn't sleep.



Besides being in the dark and the heat, no stores open for needs.I guess we know how our ancestors lived when there wasn't any electric power. We cooked on the charcoal grill and ate by candle light. Much like they did many years ago.

She might have dental fluorosis from drinking the tap water. I do - my teeth are translucent! Imagine how much brain damage infliction by the New World Order scientific dictatorship eugenics program that equates to. They owe me billions in compensation, and I intend to get it!