LETTER- Loyal listener: Don't change 'TJU-

For 32 years WTJU has been introducing me to more music, genres of music, music history, and all-out-soul (even you, opera!) than any other radio station or teacher in my life. I'm proud of my involvement with "the Teej. There may never be another radio station like it, but it won't be because WTJU "failed." 

Repetition and playlists generate sales and hypnosis. WTJU inspires loyalty and involvement. The new program director cites low listenership, but out of those I'll bet 95 percent of us would walk "all the way from Boulder to Birmingham," as Emmylou Harris sings, to keep the station alive.

I believe in WTJU, and WTJU believes in me. Friends forever!

Carmelita Estrellita