William Wren Mullins Tye River Limited Partnership LLP, 2.49 acres at 4961and 4985 Christmas Hill Lane, $292,000.

Richard W. Moyer, trustee, to County of Albemarle, parcel, $287,200.

Ronald Viejo and Stephen Cadogan to New Orleans Terminal Co. LLC, 23.525 acres at 779 Rocky Hollow Road, $3,950,000.

C. Wilson McNeeley III to Katherine K. Parker, 3.181 acres at 148 Clairborne Circle, Troy, $377,500.

NVR Inc. to Laurie Ann Harris, 1972 Asheville Drive, the Pavilions at Pantops, $264,265.


HMC Holdings LLC to Albemarle County Service Authority, 0.60 acre pump station site, $42,000.

Byrd S. Leavell Jr. to Steadfast Farm LLC, 175.275 acres at Companion Farm, 1554 Taylor's Gap Road, $2,500,000.

Carole Ann Johnson to Louis R. Savarie, 5.68 acres on State Route 67, 1659 Gibson Lane, Earlysville, $180,000.

Arcadia Builders Inc. to Benjamin J. Schnable, 7325 Millburn Court, Creekside, Old Trail, Crozet, $678,400.


Randolph Clark to Cristopher R. McIntyre, 2084 Timber Pointe Road, $297,600.

Jenn Rong Chen to Bih Yuarn Chen, condominium unit in Queen Charlotte subdivision, 106 King George Circle, $173,500.

Janet P. Bonner, trustee, to George A. Seymour, 48.060 acres on State Route 712, 124 Lynhaven Lane, Scottsville, $1,100,000.

Old Trail Carriage Park LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., lot 21 in Carriage Park, $150,000.

Albemarle Ventures LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., lot 68, phase III, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $91,000.

Peter J. Alamilla to Robert B. Vranian, 2956 Magnolia Bend, Chimney Springs, Forest Lakes, $291,700.

Jong J. Choi to Khariya Tairova, 1735 Goldentree Place, Hollymead, $269,100.

Redlands LLC to Glenn A. Huffmyer, 6417 Woodbourne Lane, Upper Ballard Field, Crozet, $833,900.

Betty F. Strider, trustee, to Albecove LLC, 104.77 acres on Monacan Trail Road, gift.

Adam M., Alyson W. and Christopher L. Lacy to Bluebird Hill LC, 21.0 acres on Markwood Road, gift.

Dale Ludwig to Southern Property LLC, lot 7, Country Green Cottages, $75,000.

Marion E. Kanour to David L. Hess, 2.0 acres at 6103 Wild Pear Lane, Crozet, $239,100.


Robert A. Almanza to Bank of America NA, lot 83, section 2A, Highlands at Mechum's River, $222,100.

Huckleberry LLC to Commercial Rentals LLC, unit in Berkmar Crossing, $340,000.

Joseph Lieberman to Matthew J. and Eva E. Flaherty, 3188 Beaumont Farm Road, Beaumont Farm subdivision, $556,250.

Glenmore Associates Ltd., to Petoria LLC, 60.752 acres at 1143 Cambridge Ill Lane, $1,895,543.

Sylvia F. Witt to John R. Hudson, 2.091 acres at 8252 Plank Road, Afton, $344,900.

Michael W. London to Harry W. Heckman III, 1924 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow subdivision, $555,400.

Old Trail B4 LLC to Chandler R. McQuoid, 8125 West End Drive, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $287,550.

Elizabeth C. Love to Gary S. Porter, 13 Spring Court, Four Seasons, $119,300.

Elizabeth M. Bourke, trustee, to Round Hill Farm LLC, 120.38 acres at 2720 Earlysville Road, Earlysvile, $6,650,000.

Sonja L. Hoel, trustee, to James M. Larner, 2.2 acres at 1340 Sunset Circle, Farmington, $3,553,400.

James E. Grider to Brian Obertone, 4946 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, Crozet, $418,000.

Big Deal:


Ronald Viejo and Stephen Cadogan to New Orleans Terminal Co. LLC, 23.525 acres at 779 Rocky Hollow Road, $3,950,000.