QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your favorite radio show?


Danny Hassell:"'Prairie Home Companion' with Garrison Keillor"


Rush Bailey: "'The Boombox' on WNRN. It's on from 10pm to midnight."


John Waller: "'Fresh Air' on NPR."



Acoustic Sunrise with Anne Williams on WNRN - I could listen to her read the dictionary - Thanks Anne!

Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN 840.

Thanks, lamewads for selling the station.

The Best Seat In The House on WINA

This is only a test

Radio Wowsville on WTJU, 11PM-1AM on Sundays

I second The Best Seat In The House, that Leon guy is hilarious, tells it like it is.

The Rush Limbaugh show of course!

Elliot in the morning. Love it. Just wished it would come in a little better here.

'Charlottesville Right Now' with Coy Barefoot is the most consistently entertaining radio show I've found. Especially when Hawes Spencer is on. Coy: "Rrreally??...", Hawes: "YeahYeah!..."

the big greasy breakfast, durrr