QUESTION OF THE WEEK- How can we get past this country's oil addiction?


Robert Krute:"Solar power, start using bio-fuel, start using natural resources, what we have. Stop being dependent on oil. Pretty soon we're going to run out, and we're going to find ourselves in a slump we can't even dig out."


Jeremiah Carter: "Ride more bikes."


Beverly Watson: "I think alternative fuel research is a great idea for our oil addiction."



by caring for and educating the youth of this nation.

How can you call it an addiction? It is a way of life and NO ONE has come up with an alternative that is as economical, practical and as efficient as using oil and oil by-products for almost everything that we use in our daily lives.

It ain't just the internal combustion engine that uses oil and oil by-products.

C-ville finest on disply again

I believe there is an alternative to foreign oil. However, I believe it is being suppressed by the big, greedy oil companies and by the federal government. I don't believe for a minute that with all the inventions made by the intelligent people that live in this country that nobody has thought of one for an alternative to oil. Thank about it!

The alternative to foreign oil is DOMESTIC OIL....where it all started.......

B.P. deliberately had the oil rig blow up and then hijacked the cleanup effort so that they can use the disaster as an excuse to push through their agenda, dummies.

We'll never get anywhere until we start talking about consuming less energy. Period. Politicians avoid the topic like the plague, but this is the only long-term solution -- no matter what type of alternative energy we might hope to develop. Americans can't go on living like we're the only people on earth!