MOVIE REVIEW- Just for kicks: <i>Karate Kid</i> charms the second time around


If you've seen The Karate Kid (1984), the memories will come back during this 2010 remake of the original. That's a compliment. The original story was durable enough to inspire three sequels, and now we have an entertaining version filmed mostly on location in China, with 56-year-old Jackie Chan in the role of Mr. Miyagi. 

The original film was one of its year's best movies. The new one lacks the perfect freshness of that one; there aren't many surprises as it follows the 1984 almost point by point. But here is a lovely and well-made film that stands well on its own feet. The Chinese locations add visual interest, there are scenes of splendor in mountains and on the Great Wall, and the characters are once again engaging.... [full review]