QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's your favorite part of Monticello?


Gustavo Ramallo:"The little tunnel that the servants had to go through. I thought it was really interesting going through, how they would go unseen."


Rachel Lilly: "The roundabout, which is the really the path in the rear of Monticello which traverses the hill. Then there are other paths that go down the hill in concentric circles almost."


Shannon Eliason: "I love the gardens and the grounds."



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The exit...........boring..........

Living out here in the midwest I seldom meet anyone from the east coast much less charlottesville. When I am asked where I come from I just whip out a nickel and say "from the town this house is in" they usually just look at me with a dumb look.

Ken, I'm a transplant from CVL to the midwest also. Are you starving for the beauty an culture of CVL too?

I lived in minneapolis for 9 years so I could get plenty of good and varied food and entertainment then. We moved to northwest wisconsin and all that stuff was left behind. We traded for some beautiful spring, summers, and falls on ten acres of land that we just love.
My wife is from a very small wisconsin town and absolutely loves cville and wishes we lived there. We are going back for a visit in a few weeks and are very much looking forward to it.

Be sure to visit the slave quarters at Monticello when you come! Slavery rules!


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I like the head shrinking exibit, I hear that is where the first liberal was formed.