MOVIE REVIEW- <i>Greek</i> revives: Brand shines in relapse comedy


Aldous Snow is the sort of rock star who can seriously propose himself for the role of White African Jesus. What would his duties be? He has no idea. It's just the sort of thing he throws out to keep people on their toes. Aldous was first seen as a rock star, clean and sober, in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), and he returns in Get Him to the Greek as a wild man deep into a relapse.

It is the task of an earnest and square young man, Aaron Green, to fly to London and in exactly three days get him to New York for a Today show appearance and then to Los Angeles for a comeback concert at the Greek Theater. Get Him to the Greek is the story for those three days, and nights, which pass in a blur for the innocent Green. They are a blur for Aldous as well, but then, that's his lifestyle.... [full review]