QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What's the greatest online danger facing teens?


Rachel Orme:"I think it's My Space and chat rooms that kids go to because that's where a lot of the predators go to get the kids they want to harass."


Janet Dix: "I think the greatest online danger is adult male predators who are disguising themselves as other people and who prey on young women."


Matthew Simon: "I guess the greatest danger is that whenever they post something, they're not really sure exactly who sees it, so the perception of what they say might be totally misinterpreted."




Their own peers....the predators are fewer in numbers.

Irresponsible parents that let their kids online without supervision in the first place!

Being on line and not conversing with others in person for the same amount of time....never learning the skill of the verbal conversation and thinking

Same as in the business world- using emails to say something to someone 10 ft away......hiding behind the keyboard somehow makes it seems "safe".

They might see some boobies or weiners by mistake

The current POTUS!

Pedo Bear!!! oh noes...

Belmont Yo, without a doubt.