LETTER- Poem was wrong way to launch murder story

As a UVA alum, I have been following the Yeardley Love story closely with a heavy heart. I appreciate the Hook's efforts to provide analysis and insight that I don't find in a standard newspaper like the Daily Progress. But lately, it's gone a bit too far.

In the [May 11] article "Dangerous rage? What compelled Huguely to attack?" by Dave McNair, it began with a quote from Carl Sandburg:

"Papa loved mama, mama loved men, mama's in the graveyard, papa's in the pen." Some readers may also recognize this from a Garth Brooks song.

How this is even remotely applicable to Miss Love's murder? This not only implies that she was promiscuous and implicit in her death, but it makes light of the serious situation her friends and family are dealing with. I am sure I am not the only one appalled by it, and I am disappointed that the Hook chose to publish this.

Katie Burgess
Charlotte, NC


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Katie you are absolutely correct. There was enough horror in this situation without trivializing this murder with that poem. It is still a shame that noone who knew her, and her violent x did more to protect her from him. Maybe everyone has learned from this.