LETTER- Sanitation, the better mousetrap

Regarding the [April 22] cover story, "Dog, gone: How poison killed his pet," poisoning wildlife (in this case, mice) is accepted in our society but it shouldn't be. Wild animals are no different from dogs and cats; each one has its own personality and can feel the same pain as pets.

These animals don't "want" to bother humans; they simply are trying to exist and don't know your home is supposed to be off limits. People do know they don't want wildlife indoors; therefore it's their responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep wildlife out.

Wild animals can only enter structures that have one or more openings allowing access, and an "infestation" is often the result of food availability close by.  It's imperative that people try to find the openings to close them as well as eliminate food sources they unwittingly provide in the area.

Crumbs and spilled food on floors and counters and inside cabinets should be promptly cleaned up. All food should be in closed containers that animals can't get into.  Pet food should not be left out in bowls; pets should be fed only the amount they are expected to eat at the time, and this applies to outside the house as well as indoors.

Sanitation goes a long way in preventing problems with wildlife.  I hope this information helps.

Marlene Conddon