QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What should UVA do in the wake of the lacrosse tragedy?


Warrick Yarborough:"I think the university should investigate it as just a single act beyond the university in general. You can't infringe on the constitutional rights of the other students because of something one student did. Just investigate it, look at this student's history and find out what kind of person he was, whether he's guilty or innocent."


Jeff Willard: "I believe Coach Starsia and theUVA coaching and the structure in the Athletic Department should be kept intact. I believe there was no error on their part. I believe that this notification act that they're pushing now for all arrests and other transgressions, wherever they be across the world, should be established so that they're notified of any problems. Ultimately, the responsibilty for this crime was on the gentleman when he stepped into the room that morning. It was his responsibility not to commit that crime and no one else's ."


Leah Connor: "I think the focus needs to be on domestic violence and getting the victims to speak out and trying to get help and having friends come. If you see someone who is being a victim of domestic violence or a bad relationship, you need to try to step up and get them the help they need, cause they can't do it on their own."