US Bank National Association, trustee, to Bryan S. Craig, 418 Carrsbrook drive, Westmoreland, $271,600.

B.E. Brannock, trustee, to Community Bank, parcel in Stillhouse Road subdivision, $542,450.

ALG Trustee LLC, trustee, to Aurora Loan Services LLC, parcel in Highlands at Mechum's River, $370,100.

James C. Blanton, custodian, to Brian H. Annex, 7.63 acres at 1939 Old Ballard Farm Lane, $650,000.

Larry J. McElwain, special commissioner, to Karen E. Gardner, 1640 Robin Lane, Hollymead, $304,200.

Virginia Shifflett to Minor Garrison, 4.6 acres at 5018 Fox Mountain Road, Crozet, gift.

Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity to William E. Terrell, 4315 Beaver Creek Road, Earlysville, $245,000.

Marcia E. Mundell to Christine Tasack, 18.17 acres at 5083 Browns Gap Turnpike, Crozet, gift.

Attilio H. Cenedella, trustee, to Patrick H. Tolan, 2401 Southside Drive, Blandemar Farms Estates, North Garden, $606,400.


Catherine B. Williams to Ryan E. Feaver, 2645 Meriwwether Drive, Meriwether Hills, $239,700.

Jonathan T. Wren, special commissioner, to Daniel L. and Marie Collier, 3330 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $86,000.

Piedmont Realty & Construction LLC to Katie E. G. Carlson, 1005 Heathercroft Circle, Upper Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $218,300.

Bradley A. Justice to Christopher S. Canterbury, 112 Tintern Court, Birnam Wood, $154,000.

Isabelle K. D. Bing to Adrian and Lauren Rowland, 1816 Old Orchard Road, Free Union, $249,600.

Frank T. Ballif to Richard and Francine M. Bluhm, 78.95 acres on State Route 663, 58 Simmons Gap Road, Tanager Woods, $1,525,000.


Matthew R. Singleton, trustee, to Albemarle County Public Recreation, 60.19 acres, gift.

Tracy L. Armstrong to Andrew J. and Jennifer M. Croll, 2.126 acres at 249 Hardware Street, Scottsville, $161,700. 

Matthew J.Fantin to Shei Shing Tzung, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, 113 Turtle Creek Road, $131,500.

Westhall Investors LLC to Ruth Kavanaugh, 346 Marquette Court, Westhall, Crozet, $159,200.

E. Randall Ralston, trustee, to Bingham C. Jamison, 2.71 acres at 4543 Garth Road, $555,700.

Adam S. Rochman to Kelly M. Sobilo, 1046 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechum's River, $218,000.

Richard H. Allan III, trustee, to Sara Jane Campbell, 367 Newtown Road, Mountain Hollow, $230,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Erin M. Griner, 2.0 acres at 784 Irish Road, $350,000.

Timothy I. Kelsey to Brandtly N. Jones, 1348 Gristmill Drive, Mill Creek, $275,000.


Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., parcel, $181,000.

Elizabeth A. Spivey to Diane S. Espinosa, 3281 Gateway Circle, Gateway Village Townhouses, $212,600.

Jay M. Courage to Klingel Brookwood LLC, 12.016 acres on U.S. Route 250, $2,513,400.

Jonathan T. Wren, special commissioner, to Seth D. Cassaday, 2366 Proffit Road, $38,700.

Nell C. Dove to Robert L. Podleski, 1110 Highlands Drive, Highlands at Mechum's River, $271,700.

Michael Banchi to Timothy I. Kelsey, 1598 Gray Fox Trail, Ivy Oaks, $486,000.

Bruce Leffler to Megan Leah Sutker, 1.208 acres on State Route 693, Batesville, $210,000.

NVA Properties LLC to HGW Enterprises LLC, 5347 Brookwood Road, Westhall, $145,000

Larry Lustberg to David S. Duani, 2060 Bentivar Drive, Bentivar subdivision, $519,000.

Southern Property LLC to Tord Ronn, 2126 Sundown Place, Pavilions at Pantops, $342,180.


Big Deal:


Jay M. Courage to Klingel Brookwood LLC, 12.016 acres on U.S. Route 250, $2,513,400.