MOVIE REVIEW- Nightmare snoozer: Freddy comes out of retirment, again


Forget about the plot, the actors and the director. What you require to make a new Nightmare on Elm Street are these three off-the-shelf sound effects:

1. A sudden, loud clanging noise mixed with a musical chord.

2. Snicker-snack sounds, which Freddy Krueger's steel finger claws make every time they are seen.

3. A voice deepener, to drop Freddy's speaking voice to an ominous level.

On top of that, you need your sudden cuts, your lighting from below, your thump-thump-thumps and of course a dog that barks at something unseen in the night, so that your teenage heroine can go out onto the lawn in bare feet and flimsy PJs and call, "Rufus! Rufus! Here, boy!" You know in your bones that Rufus is now checking into Doggie Heaven...

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