Should marijuana be decriminalized?




Michael Jones:"Yes. I think so. I think if the government would let us grow our own marijuana and sell it, and everybody could make some cash off it, it would be a good job– harvesting some marijuana."





Cynthia Burke: "Yes. I think it should because I think it's no more harmful than alcohol, and there are many people wasting away in prison for no reason at all."





Mariflo Stephens: "Yes. There are already proven medical uses for it, it's already happened in California, which has always been ahead of the nation in everything else, and there are a lot of young people that get caught up in a legal system that otherwise they wouldn't be caught up into. Once you get in the system, you're in the system. And I can say that 'cause my husband's a public defender."




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Yes, I agree that california is ahead of the rest of the country, but I would add self destruction to the list.
I lived in California for 3 years and the rest of the country will have the same problems someday.

Legalization is one of their better ideas.

Now they could really do some good and invest in their public schools, I would love to see the rest of the country follow california with that one.
Sorry about turning this into a california issue.

Couldn’t find one person to interview against the legalization of marijuana?
Seems bizarre that you wouldn't want to hear some other opinion, maybe I don't understand how you do these interviews.

I would encourage people to read about the connections being made by the medical community between marijuana use and schizophrenia.

We have this cultural connection to pot that makes it look like the symbol of freedom, progressiveness, fun, enlightenment and modernity. We had the same mentality towards smoking cigarettes 50 years ago, ignoring the medical risks.

If you've ever lived with someone suffering from the mental illness of schizophrenia, you understand the risk is too great, if in fact the researchers are correct.

Anyway, thanks for the open forum.

why not post a link to this "research"?

Marijuana is relatively benign and a waste of law enforcement energy, time and money. No, it's not generally good for you to smoke weed, but it's not as bad as some things that are legal.

Just because something's illegal doesn't mean it should be illegal. People have been waking up for decades to how ridiculous the prohibition of the hemp plant is. It has achieved critical mass in society where it is rare to find someone that believes that marijuana laws should be strictly enforced.

Yeah, smoking weed isn't exactly going to help you in your career or academically. Neither is playing video games. Pot laws are DUMB.

Lots of things are bad for you and there are lots of contradictions in life, I work for a company that makes most of the fried appetizers that you will find world wide, they also make the majority of the fries that Mcdonalds sells, but we have a no smoking policy.
I guess we have to weigh whats worse for the general public, billions spent in a totally ineffective war on drugs or some schizophrenia in our society.
Legalize or not it comes down to choice because the drugs are already on the street as if they were legal. And oh theres that pesky matter of murder at the mexican border

Yo we gonna smoke a once to dis
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True (that). I went to the college school. It was aaiight. But when I started doing well financially ( Dollar dollar bill Y'all)- The shiznetzophrenia became almost unbearable. (for real). I became selfishlike. Does money make one a dik? Or does one need to be dikkish to need to get rich?

Keep drinking the fluoride, breathing the chemtrail air, and taking the flu shots, On The Street. Every time the government has illegally kidnapped me and tortured me under the false premise that I'm "mentally ill", they did so during a time when I ran out of pot and couldn't get any more! Perhaps if it had been legal I wouldn't have been so crazy as to suggest the government was behind 9/11 (expressed reason for detention and torture via forced drugging - be forewarned, truthers!)

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