QUESTION OF THE WEEK- How do you deal with mice in your house?


Quentin Smith:"I just use mothballs."


Todd Besecker: "I always just use rat poison. It just works the best for some reason."


Megan Bloom: "We set traps, and our cats."



nanoparticles take care of them rather nicely

nanoparticle super mice?!? Oh noes!!! does anyone know if those sonic things you plug in work?

You can read about DARPA's remote control mouse, or you can make jokes about it. Joking about serious issues keeps them from affecting you, it makes you immune to fluoride, mercury vaccines, nanoparticles, and everything else that reminds you that you evil people have total control over you! Keep joking, it's working!

I put food in a deep pan (peanut butter) and when the mouse grabs the peanut butter it triggers a pan of boiling water to dump in the pan. Works well, the whole process takes less than 10 minutes.

robot cats for robot mice!

I put toothpaste in a deep pan and let the buggers eat all they want. The fluoride does them in. Works well too. The whole process only takes 250 years.

Ever wonder why fluoride toothpaste says on the tube "In case of accidental poisoning, contact so-and-so?" IT'S CAUSE FLUORIDE IS RAT POISON!!!

"A key factor in any anti campaign is the use of printed matter. Because of this, antis are very eager to have their views printed. Scientific journals will rarely publish them, but most local newspapers are willing to express minority viewpoints regardless of whether facts support them. A few editors even welcome the controversy the antis generate—expecting that it will increase readership.

The aim of anti "documents" is to create the illusion of scientific controversy. Often they quote statements that are out of date or out of context. Quotes from obscure or hard-to-locate journals are often used. Another favored tactic is to misquote a profluoridation scientist, knowing that even if the scientist protests, the reply will not reach all those who read the original misquote.

Half-truths are commonly used. For example, saying that fluoride is a rat poison ignores the fact that poison is a matter of dose. Large amounts of many substances—even pure water—can poison people. But the trace amount of fluoride contained in fluoridated water will not harm anyone."

must be a liberal independant sitting on the toilet with his moms laptop.

I don't let them in my house..........

You can read John P. Holdren's book "Ecoscience" where he states they (the illuminati) will drug the water to brain damage, sicken, and pacify society, genetically engineer crops to brain damage, sicken and sterilize society, add mercury and cancer viruses to vaccines to brain damage, sicken, and pacify society, etc. etc. etc. Or you can go take your fluoride and pretend like none of this is happening right before your eyes, just like most of the brain damaged, sterilized, pacified, sick society does. Now go take your fluoride and read a Randy Salzman propaganda piece!

(Not that I expect people who have been consuming fluoride ever since they were concieved in their mother's wombs to be able to understand with any level of normal human clarity - after all, the studies don't have an agenda.

I'll bet it would really upset you if you admitted that the government has been deliberately poisoning you before you were even born with the intention of destroying any ability you had to resist their continued destruction and domination, especially since they're still doing it, not only to you, but your children too! Now go pretend none of this is real and crack jokes with your fellow yuppie scum friends about tin foil hats.

-fact this

Ears were burning huh? Knew he had to be talking about GOP no-nuthings like you.

You must have gotten home early from your Tea Party event where you were rewriting history on things like the Boston tea Party, or gun ownership rights in our young Republic to suit your desire to blame someone else for your self inflicted wounds.

Someone else is supposed to pay all the taxes for your wish to fight unnecessary wars, right Joe the Plumber?

In my little world, we ignore the tin-foil fashionistas, instead we crack jokes about people like the idjitt who showed up in Ashville packing a gun and saying he wanted to see the president. What kind of fool makes apparent death threats in public like that and expects to get away with it?

We crack even more jokes about people like the woman who appeared before the Georgia State Senate telling the ridiculously far-fetched tale of having had a chip implanted in her nether regions by the CIA.

Off now to have another glass of water and shift more of my investment dollars into chip maker stocks. The tin mining shares aren't doing as well for me as they used to.

If the mice are getting in through your basement, and you have a blacksnake that happens to have entered through the same gap in your foundation, your mouse problem will be solved. I speak from experience.

(But if you have a finished basement, and a guest room down there, don't tell your friends about any of this. Unless, of course, you'd like to avoid having guests.)

I use those D-Con covered mousetraps, the black plastic ones where the mouse has to go inside and approach from one direction to get to the bait. Those things usually catch the mouse (well there are usually 2) within a day.

Watch the excellent new Alex Jones documentary, "Police State 4 : The Rise Of FEMA" in high definition on completely for free! I think you will find it to be infotainment! Oh, by the way, they put the nanochips in the needles of the vaccines so the folks examining the vaccine solutions never find them! Of course, someone thought to look there. VACCINES LOWER YOUR KIDS I.Q. BY 20 POINTS AND EXPOSURE TO FLUORINATED WATER AND FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE AND SHOWER WATER ALSO LOWERS YOUR KIDS I.Q. BY 20 POINTS, AND IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO RESEARCH THESE SHOCKING BUT TRUE FACTS AND FIND OUT THAT THEY ARE INDEED FACTS, IT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE YOUR I.Q. HAS BEEN REDUCED BY 50 POINTS (IF YOU COUNT ALL THE SODIUM ALUMINOSILICATE AND ALUMINUM LADEN BEER CANS YOU'VE CONSUMED) AND NOW YOU'RE A CERTIFIED RETARD! HAVE A NICE DAY.

Oh, I almost forgot - it's not illegal to pack a gun and it's not illegal to ask to see the President. It is illegal to put people in jail for exercising these rights, but as long as yuppie scum puts up (and even encourages it) the cops will still do it and be emboldened to do even more. Personally, I think everyone should pack a gun and ask to see the President!

John Giuliano

after reading all that I am very glad I do not brush my teeth , shower , wear deoderant or ever had any vaccines .

now for mice , mice seem to just run off when I am around I dunno ?

I guess I am lucky .

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