MOVIE REVIEW- Failed satire: Spare your kids (and yourself) from<i> Kick Ass </i>


Shall I have feelings, or should I pretend to be cool? Will I seem hopelessly square if I find Kick-Ass morally reprehensible, and will I appear to have missed the point?


Let's say you're a big fan of the original comic book, and you think the movie does it justice. You know what? You inhabit a world I am so very not interested in. A motion picture camera makes a record of whatever is placed in front of it, and in this case it shows deadly carnage dished out by an 11-year-old girl, after which an adult man brutally hammers her to within an inch of her life. Blood everywhere. Now tell me all about the context...  [full review]

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When you run out of story, use sex, special effects or violence...or, all three. We've exhausted the use of sex in our stories, or at least it's been regulated. Special effects are expensive, so all we have left is violence, and it has yet to be regulated.
Our society doesn't have context for death, like our agrarian counterparts.
We don't kill our own food, we don't see the family horse get old and pass away, we're sequestered from death. Our need to understand it hasn't diminished one wit however and neither has it for our children.
So we sensationalize death and allow our story-tellers, (ie. Hollywood) to teach our children. The movie industry is just that, an industry, void of any real responsibility, so it's our responsibility to limit their reach to our children.
Kids have a natural curiosity about death, talk about it, and for the love of Pete, visit a farm.