J. Courtlandt VanClief to Meadow Farm LLC, Meadow Farm, 331.37 acres at 6681 Esmont Road, $2,111,805.

NVR Inc. to Rachel Nadolski, 2164 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place, $234,390.

Anne G. Rothenberger to Our Roth LLC, Lot 9, Greenwood Station, gift.

Emerald Spring LLC to Woodbyrne Properties LLC, lot in Highlands at Mechum's River, $240,000.

Stephen E. Miles to Michael P. Higginbotham, 4979 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge subdivision, $388,900.

Barbara Foster, trustee, to Peter l. Munger, 4813 Highlands Place, Highlands at Mechum's River, $367,700.

Alan C. Siebels to Jamie Throckmorton, 3133 Ridgefield Road, Ridgefield at Forest Lakes, $244,700.

Carriage Hill I Condominiums LLC to Paul N. Wilkens, 820 Beverley Drive, Claremont at Carriage Hill, $242,750.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia, to TFR America, unit 2C of Building 280, Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $152,400.


Paul W. Belew to Barbara M. Jones, 887 Buck Mountain Road, Earlysville, $205,300.

Jamie J. Adams to Heather M. Hayes, 2355 Westover Drive , $1, deed of quitclaim.

Fulton Bank to William P. Roberts, 1527 Wickham Pond Drive, Wickham Pond, $110,000.

Robert M. Hauser, trustee, to Eagle Construction of VA LLC, two lots in Belvedere, $180,000.


Southern Property LLC to Michael Anderson, 2168 Saranac Court, Pavilions at Pantops, $329,220.

Jonathan T. Wren to Daniel D. and Shana F. Strumlauf, 6.3 acres vacant land, $68,600.

Jeffrey S. Porter to Timothy E. and Ophelia J. Murphy, 782 Filly Run, Cory Farm, $391,200.

Ralph C. Cason to John Anthony Winter, 10 acres at 1015 Deer Run Drive, Earlysville, $37,500.


Professional Foreclosure Corp. of Virginia to National Mortgage Association, condominium unit 120-002, Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $256,188.

Equity Trustees LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, 6.01 acres, $349,416.

Wells Fargo Bank National Trust to Harry W. Heckman, 3930 Gilbert Station Road, Barboursville, Ashleigh subdivision, $276,300.

Amber Brethren, trustee, to Michael N. Salerno, 908 Summit View Lane, Cory Farm, Crozet, $400,000.

Stephen J. Hinson to Mary Ann Robertson, 3936 Watts Passage, $326,000.


Lloyd S. Sikes to David M. Becker, 113 Pepper Place, Willoughby, $185,500.

Denise G. Ours to Marvin W. Sanders, 3051 Clear Springs Court, Waterford, Forest Lakes, gift.

Virginia L. Green to Garth House LLC, 5.41 acres at 2700 Dunromin Road, gift.

James Longshaw to Lee G. Rainey, 2.009 acres at 647 Gillums Ridge Road, Ivy Woods, $420,600.

Claire Whittaker to David N. Holmes, two condominium units at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $333,200.

Khahn Boi Huynh to Emerald Spring LLC, parcel in Canterbury Hills, $329,300.

Michael J. Ryan to Kenneth N. Hudgins, condominium unit 2 at 2039 Commonwealth Drive, Wynridge, $172,900.

Mary R. Chilcutt to Gregory Scott Kirkpatrick, 2016 Brownstone Lane, Sill Meadow, $459,100.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Carol J. Proechel, 2.4596 acres at 560 Half Mile Branch Road, Crozet, $224,000.

Hauser Homes LLC to Stephen Greene, 806 Belvedere Boulevard, Belvedere, $580,466.

NVR Inc. to Karen Thorpe, 2170 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place, $257,035.

Horelio S. Aguilar to Argent Development LLC, parcel in Townwood, $164,900.


Big Deal:


J. Courtlandt VanClief to Meadow Farm LLC, Meadow Farm, 331.37 acres at 6681 Esmont Road, $2,111,805.