A 6'1" fourth-year anthropology major at UVA, John is an active and ambitious Charlottesville single searching for a "somewhat sporty" partner with an "open-minded lust for life." Interested in languages, photography, travel, and basketball, the 21-year-old plans on being an anthropological consultant and entrepreneur upon graduation. A self-described traditionally Protestant Libertarian with Buddhist leanings, John works out constantly (basketball and weight-lifting) and hangs out at Mudhouse. Sometimes told he resembles Kurt Russell, the undergraduate loves the different social circles Charlottesville has to offer and most admires his late grandfather.

Lauretta is a petite, dark-haired beauty who is finishing up her Masters in teaching at UVA's Curry School. Majoring in kinesiology as an undergraduate and running varsity track for UVA for the past five years, she has an obvious passion for athletics and fitness. When she's not running (which isn't often), the Catholic conservative 23-year-old loves munching on sushi and Arch's yogurt, playing the piano, exploring Charlottesville's wine offerings, or cozying up with a cup of tea. She loves the outdoors and german shepherds, and appreciates how Charlottesvillians embrace local businesses and try to go green. Lauretta is ready to look for someone serious with an athletic build– but if you don't like dogs, forget it!

The two dine at Blue Light Grill. Will it be a steamy match or will the date fizzle and fade?

How did you get ready?

John: Nothing out of the ordinary. Hit the gym to calm my quaking nerves, showered, etc.

Lauretta: Took a shower after practice and had a girlfriend come over to help me pick out what to wear.

How long did you take to get ready?

Lauretta: About 45 minutes

John: I guess, if you count the gym, two hours.

Did you get there first?

John: Yes. Waited about 10 minutes or so.

Well, John, what did you do while waiting?

John: Ordered a cocktail, looked at the menu, was given the run-down of how the Blind Date Challenge works.

Were you nervous?

John: Slightly yes, but not when she showed up.

Lauretta: Um, yes, to say the least.

What was your first impression of your date?

John: Beautiful. Polite. Sweet.

Lauretta: Very soft spoken.

What was your date wearing?

Lauretta: White tshirt, jeans, flip-flops

John: An appealing top and, I think, jeans– cannot remember exactly.

Were they your type?

John: Definitely. Athletic, kind-hearted, and sweet.

Lauretta: Hard to tell.

Did you like their style?

John: Overall, yes. Nothing too wild happened at the restaurant, so did not get to see much of it.

Lauretta: I was thinking, "He might dress up a little more," but not bad style!

What did you order? 

Lauretta: Mussels for an appetizer, salad and tuna with mushrooms and cauliflower puree. Blue Light never disappoints!

John: Delicious. She had tuna. I had steak. We did some chocolate-y goodness for dessert.

So, what were some topics of conversation?

John: Possible places to live in the future, plans for work, pasttimes, and family.

Lauretta: A lot of stuff– mostly plans after graduation.

How did the conversation flow?

John: It flowed well. When there were lulls, it was mostly due to the food being so good it distracted us.

Lauretta: The only weird thing was when we would both start to ask a question at the same time, but other than that no crickets!

What did you find most interesting about your date?

Lauretta: He really liked tea and was part of an official tea club. I thought I was really into tea. I guess not...

John: She has had a very different time in college being an athlete. I enjoyed hearing that side of her life.

Anything in common?

John: I think we both could see ourselves ending up in Charleston.

Lauretta: We both like tea, dogs– especially ones that look like wolves a.k.a. huskies or german shepherds– and are both from Pennsylvania.

Were there any sparks?

John: I thought we had some, unsure how deep it went though.

Lauretta: Hmmm not really :(

Any surprises?

John: Being relieved at having a great date. In the first few minutes I realized it would go well.

Anything you didn't like about your date?

Lauretta: He seemed a little too confident in his ability to meet people with power/money.

How did the date end?

Lauretta: I left. Just kidding! We exchanged numbers, he went to the bathroom, and I left.

John: Well, with tentative unmade plans to do something again in the future, pending her busy cross country schedule.

What was your favorite part of the date?

Lauretta: Finding out that we both went into it with the same attitude– suggested by friends, something completely different, and the worst that could happen was that it was a good meal and good drinks!

Kiss, hug, or handshake?

John: Hug.

Lauretta: Hug.

Would you go out again?

Lauretta: Maybe– something other than dinner and more active!


John: 8.5

Lauretta: 6.5

Looks like the date started out with a bang and ended with a whimper. Perhaps the romance will bloom over a cup o'tea...