Southern Property LLC to Patricia A. Ray, condominium unit at 2163 Saranac Court, Pavilions at Pantops, $300,540.

HM Acquisition Group LLC to D. Michael Atkins, trustee, Route 29 LLC, $19,600,000.

Johnie R. Muncy, trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, condominium at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $147,500.

Federal National Mortgate Association to Riana E. Anderson, condominium unit at 755 Denali Way, Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $126,700.

Hollymead Square LLC to Shareem and Kester Kilkenny, 2690 Gatewood Circle, Hollymead Square, $145,250.

Charles W. Hurt, trustee, to Laurel Park Investments LLC, 16 lots in Laurel Park subdivision, $1,158,400.

John S. Bias to Lenvic LLC, 1.01 acres at 1006 Reservoir Road, Ivy, gift.

Allen S. Miller to Adam J. Kucenas, 2806 Huntington Road, Northfields, $375,000.

Pounding Brook LLC to K. Jordan Foster, lot in Retriever Run subdivision, gift.

Robert L. Clark to Edward R. Smith III, trustee, 2.136 acres at 882 Haden Lane, Crozet, $425,000.

Hollymead Square LLC to Andrew W. Cocke, 2714 Gatewood Cricle, Hollymead Square condominiums, $152,400.,

Craig J. Ringuette to Melvin H. Thomas, 3280 Darby Road, Glenmore, Keswick, $658,000.

Gregory L. Slater to High Harbor Inc., parcel on Plank Road, $173,800.

High Harbor Inc. to Allison T. Triplett, 4.045 acres at 6534 Plank Road, Afton, $189,900.

Susan Reuschling to Scott Reuschling, 7484 Blenheim Road, Scottsville, gift.


Houng Wei Tsai to Florence E. Turrentine, 801 Gilliams Mountain Road, Gillums Mountain, $318,050.

Samuel I. White, trustee, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., condominium unit at Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $116,932.

Elizabeth M. Keaton to Richard A. Oliva III, 0.941 acres at 3955 Thomas Dairy Lane, North Garden, $193,500.

Stephen T. Heitz, trustee, to NVA Properties LLC, lot at 5347 Brookwood Drive, Westhall, $152,400.

NVR Inc. to Jason M. Davis, condominium unit at 2174 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place, $231,100.

NVR Inc. to Daniel M. Garrett, condominium unit at 2174 Lockwood Drive, Abington Place, $247, 225.

NVR Inc. to Vitor Agnew Lira, condominium unit at 1911 Asheville Drive, Pavilions at Pantops, $277,255.

RG Purcell and Daughters Land Trust to Eric D. Burgess, parcel in Woodridge Estates, $270,000.

Maggie Garrison to Irvin D. White, 5.3 acres at 1010 Stonewood Drive, $175,900.

Thomas A. Szuba Jr. to Stephen A. Smith, 1703 Solomon Road, Barterbrook, $344,000.


Betty A. Coiner to Steven J. Colle, 1821 Hearthglow Lane, Fieldbrook, $367,200.

David G. Kalergis, ex., to Eugene P. Pollock, 825 Worthington Drive, Worthington Place, $1,065,100.

I&J Homebuilders LLC to Jesse M. Bannister, 2.001 acres at 3688 Gilbert Station Road, Barboursville, $238,900.

Kevin B. Glover to Arne Hasselquist, condominium unit at 190 Yellowstone Drive, Parkside at Eagle's Landing, $126,700.

Sidney L. Kahn IV to Mark E. Marshall, 1646 Honeysuckle Lane, Lake Renovia, $365,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Kenneth J. Girasek, 5695 Locust Lane, Park View, Crozet, $247,700.

Shr9 LLC to Zhen Yan, 531 Tyree Lane, Belvedere, $510,839.

Ernest L. Cobb to Christine L. Zeigler, 1352 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $315,000.

Alex A. Stultz to Kevin P. Reilly, 4.174 acres on State Route 676, 2282 Garth Road, $787,500.

Sycamore Creek LLC to Glenn Scott and Lisa Y. Campbelll, parcel in Southfork Farms, $270,000.


Big Deal:


David G. Kalergis, ex., to Eugene P. Pollock, 825 Worthington Drive, Worthington Place, $1,065,100.