QUESTION OF THE WEEK-How will health care reform affect you?


Diane Murray:"I'm not really sure, but as long as I can keep getting medical care and not having to pay a fortune for it, I'll be okay."


John Robinson: "Hopefully it will give the normal people like me, the working kind, that can't afford healthcare, a chance to get health care so that we don't have to sit at home and fight through our sickness, and actually go to a doctor and seek the attention that we really need."


Phil Watkins: "I don't think it'll affect me that much because I already have private healthcare, but I think it'll help tens of millions of people who don't have access to that, and that people who are opposed to it are selfish."



The government has no responsibility to take care of anyone, and there's no such thing as a free lunch. Take the vaccine or you get no health care. Pay to kill babies or go to jail. This bill is unspeakably evil and those who support it entirely deserve the "health care" it will provide :o)

Johnny, your thought process is warped somewhat. Using the same theory, the people should not have the responsibility to take care of the government. But we do. Our tax money provides them lucrative benefit packages which include health insurance. Most government employees would be paying $800 to $1500 a month if we, the taxpayers, didn't pay it.

It's OK for us to pay taxes to provide cops, firemen, teachers, etc... with health insurance. But they owe us nothing?

Your tax money goes to pay the interest on the debt to the Federal Reserve. It doesn't pay for cops, firemen, techers, health care, etc.

The health care bill means that my current policy will be not allowed and I will be forced to pay for coverage that I can not afford. I support repeal of this bill by any means.

Give the darn thing a chance.

Opening up this issue has educated everyone
about it.

Lets see if the insurance exchanges actually create competition and lower costs.

Whether you voted for Obama or not, the majority of this democracy has spoken, and the individuals of that majority are depending on their vote offsetting the tremendous resources and influence of the few that want the status quo.

So JG, who is the kind benefactor who has been paying for all of those cops, firemen, teachers, etc. if out taxes haven't been? Surely they haven't been working for free have they?

Surely, unless they've been paid in gold.

JG, as usual, your wisdom is so great as to make no sense to mere mortals.

He's talking about a return to the gold standard. As in, "if they were paid in dollars, they worked 'for free,' because our dollars are worthless."

Not confused.

We can say what we want about who's paying what, but I can guarantee you one thing. If every citizen in Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville refuses to pay their personal property taxes on or before June 5, 2010, there's going to be a lot of local government employees who won't receive a paycheck for long. And the city and county won't have the tax money to pay for the health insurance they provide these government employees.

I suppose on a federal level, the federal employees would be up the creek without a paddle if everybody refused to pay federal income taxes from now on. How would the federal government pay the premiums on the health insurance for federal employees.

Hey, wait a minute! We're seeing some of this already. With 10% of the population being unemployeed, a/k/a less taxes being tossed into the public trough, we're seeing layoffs of local, state and federal government employees and budget reductions already. Due to the lack of "tax money" coming in, many of these same local, state and federal employees are seeing increases in the portion they have to pay into their retirement systems.

Or I am just plain dumb if I can't understand how "taxes" have nothing to do with the salary and benefits packages of local, state and federal employees.

Local and state maybe, but the federal government would either have deficit spending, or it would just print more money to cover the bills (leading to increased inflation). They would almost never, ever, EVER not pay.

OK, payday. Thank You. So the federal government would continue to provide their employees with a paycheck and health insurance. Why should they not provide health care insurance for everybody that can't afford it? What gives the federal government the right to collect tax money and pay the health care premiums for their chosen few employees... while ignoring the rest of the population. The population who's actually paying the taxes to allow the government employees to have health insurance in the first place?

To break it down to a level that even a caveman can understand, let's look at another example. There's hundreds of thousands of people in this country who can't afford a decent car to get and from work to make $8.00 an hour. But once they do get to work, their taxes are paying for brand new "take Home" cars (and gas) for hundreds of thousands of federal government employees. And these same federal government employees are already making a good salary and have attractive benefits packages with health coverage. Isn't this backwards? Maybe the federal government should be providing new cars for the $8.00 an hour employee to get to work and back. Well, that's not going to happen, right? But now we're upset because the federal government is going to give the $8.00 an hour employee health coverage.

We haven't been on the gold standard for quite a long time, but the US greenbacks that I get are happily taken by everyone I need to purchase things from. When I've been overseas, the local have been even happier to take them.

Not being a government employee, I can't say for sure that they generally enjoy the same ease of spending paper money that I do, but I think I would have heard about it by now if it were much of a problem. Seems to me that they are getting payed according to any rational definition of that word, and tax payers provide the funds.

The kind benefactors who pay the government employees salaries and benefits are the members of the globalist banking cabal known generally as the Illuminati. They own money printing machines that they can print as much money as trees can grow paper, and they give this paper to their slaves, who insist that it just compensation for their labour, because if they admitted it wasn't, they'd realize they were slaves, and they're not capable of facing those kinds of hard truths - especially when they can afford to travel overseas.

And here's a quote from chairman Grace (to save you the time and trouble of reading long-winded economic documents): "With two-thirds of everyone's personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government."

It's a pretty well known fact that those same Illuminati own all of the world's gold producing mines. What difference does it make if they print more paper money or turn the thumb screws and make their real slaves working in the mines produce more metal to put in bank vaults? What you wrote earlier implied that the root of all evil was the fact that we no longer use gold as a standard. Gold production itself is pure evil though and one of the longest running schemes of the Illuminati is to convince a foolish public to have faith in a metal that is with the exception of some handy technical properties really no more valuable than paper is. Faith alone is what makes paper money valuable, and the same is very much true for gold. Nice try, but it looks very much like you work for them despite your false protest.

I am self-insured, I insure my employees. Liberty University is self-insured. Do we have to pay a fine or tax for being self- insured? Does my "plan" meet whatever the "standard" is?

You can't be denied coverage for pre-exisiting conditions- hum......unless you are a child. That makes a lot of sense...

Although not perfect this link will give you some idea of the change you will see. My research has shown, that overwhelmingly, health care practitioners are in favor of this change and believe that the present system is broken. The doctors and nurses I know are all in favor of a single payer system. If you don't believe me, please ask your doctor or nurse next time you see them, I will bet, that very few are opposed to the health care reform bill, and if you query them will tell you; it doesn't go far enough.

This is a eugenics bill designed to keep people from outliving their usefulness. Tom Daschle even said in his book that old people have a duty to die. These are the kind of people in charge of our government and more and more, our lives. We need to get rid of them all. Gold has tangible value and has since the beginning of civilization because it is rare, malleable, beautiful, lusturous, shiny, and above all, requires a great deal of labour to acquire - i.e. human labour-backed currency, as opposed to monopoly money. And confused, if work for the Illuminati, I'm certainly not getting paid enough for it!

Don't really care about my "health care practitioners"........I care about my employees and my bottom line.

Still waiting for an answer to a very simple question.

Gasbag- unfortunately you have to pay your taxes as it is deducted from your paycheck- unless you are self employed or are the employer.

(Not trying to educate you, but making a point)

As an employer you are mandated by law and the 941 form to withhold the funds and deposit it in a government account- every month or quarter- depending on how much is withheld.

If you don't do this as an employer, you get the visit, the finding, the fine and possibly the jail time.

I agreed, Harry. I was speaking of IF everybody could simply stop paying taxes. It's easier said than done when the employer cuts the check.

This is probably the only thing that prevents a full scale tax revolt in this country.

No, there's also the flouride acid they add to the water to make men docile and effeminate, and the plastics that they selected out of thousands of different types when they tested plastics in the early 20th century for the highest leaching of estrogen mimicking compounds (to make men docile and effeminate), then there's the lithium they spray in the chemicalized jet trails (docile and effeminate), the freqeuncies they radiate your brain synapses with, and the propaganda the media spews from every corner including the government bought-and-paid-for (docile and effeminate) Hook. You're not gonna revolt, and none of your friends are either. You're all docile and feminized male slaves, and you're happy to be because the brain cells that would tell you to rise up and fight for your life were killed when you were an infant by the fluoride acid in your water. Have a nice day!

You are correct. I claim every penny I make in income. And I pay every penny I owe in local, state and federal taxes.

Not only do you pay federal taxes, you believe you owe federal taxes! That's the most slavish thing about you, sissy boy! Now go take your fluoride and listen to Democracy Now.

John G, I think you forgot to mention the microchip they implanted in your brain.

Sheesh dude it's health insurance reform. Get a grip.

John has been invaded by psychedelic technology. A Pandemic.

John is one of those who believes he will end up footing the bill even more for people less fortunate then himself.

Maybe he's right. But I am sure he won't starve to death.

Dude, I've never made enough money in a single year to "owe" federal taxes, and getting enough to eat (or rather, having to eat insects and grubs to survive) is a serious concern of mine for the not-so-distant future. And "people less fortunate than myself" are eat for free every single day off of the money the government stole from people more fortunate than themselves and gave to them. These are the same people who think a government that feeds them everyday still owes them even more because they never have enough to live like those more fortunate. If you want to talk justice, how about letting the innocent people being tortured every single day by "doctors" out of Western State. Read "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin if you dare.

Haven't we already established that paper money is of no value anyway? So then, what does it matter if the government steals it or if you don't make much of it?

It doesn't. None of this matters. Fluoride is good for our teeth. Must drink more...

Confused, it matters because the government has devalued the money and stolen the assets that used to give it value. Fractional reserve lending is the tactic of lending out ten, a hundred, a thousand paper notes redeemable for a gold coin, for every one gold coin you have in the vault, and it's the tactic that the Federal Reserve Bank (made up of private individuals who don't pay taxes because they'd just be paying them to themselves, and that would be silly) uses. Then, by the time you decide to trade in your notes for gold coins, the Rothschilds have already given those gold coins to mercenaries who will shoot you with a crossbow if you try to take the gold Amschel Rothschild gave them to protect him and his family from you. That's how it works and has been working for the past two hundred and forty years.

hey confused - you are infringing on my common law rights to the moniker "confused easily". Cease and desist.

You have no claim. There's a big difference between being "confused" and being "confused easily". :)

I don't make $100,000.00 a year or even $50,000.00 a year. why should I have to pay a penalty? also my taxes pay for roads, parks, etc not just and only the salaries of police and firemen. Even if you did take away their health care you would still pay taxes/higher taxes. They simply lay off employees in other civil service jobs then wait to rehire new employees with higher salaries...their cronies. So you still pay more taxes..remember for each employee out of a job there's more out of jobs because they don't put bak into society...sooo now layoffs come to private industry. Hey that's the solution layoffs for everybody so we can all be poor and our Gov't can pay for everything for us. But we have to belong to a certain group to get it.