LETTER- Why I will be protesting John Yoo:

It was very encouraging to learn from Randy Salzman's essay [March 11: First stone: Why I won't be protesting John Yoo" that Jesus Christ would not protest someone who helped launch aggressive wars and develop lawless imprisonment and torture programs. It made me feel much warmer about my government.

But it was discouraging that he claimed we'd asked him for money to fund a protest of John Yoo. Yeah, when?

And it was odd how he suggested media outlets had announced the protest. Have you? It's a march from the Corner to Minor Hall starting at 2pm on the 19th. See hoosagainstyoo.org

Salzman is comfortable believing President Obama has put the crimes behind him (washed his hands of it, if you will), and yet I can't help noticing that the illegal wars are ongoing, the lawless imprisonment is being formalized, the warrentless spying programs are no longer even questioned, and the White House still claims the power to torture and ship people to other nations that torture.

Christlike love for John Yoo is admirable indeed. Failure to deter the ongoing crimes is cowardly.

David Swanson