NEW target is 500



Nellie B. Siler to Rebecca S. Kois, 288 Windfield Cricle, gift.

UB Properties Inc. to UA01/E/C LLC, two parcels in Wickham Pond, $220,000.

Wachovia Bank NA to Kevin M. Groth, 5.0 acres at 2484 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, $245,000.

F. Todd Buck to Matthew G. Henderson, 2.43 acres at 1105 Cardinal Drive, Lambert Point, Earlysville, $200,000.

Lynn K. Russell to Timothy C. Robinson, 5.0 acres at 3571 Red Hill School Road, North Garden, $427,000.

Vanessa E. Simon to Michele Mullane, 1056 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $231,000.

I&J Home Builders Inc. to Jonathan V. Williams, 3646 Airport Acres, Clovers Airport Acres, $255,865.


Hattie Y. Scrange to Kelvin G. Jones, four parcels on State Route 616, gift.

David R. Gentry to Pamela J. Pitsenbarger, 199 Pitsenbarger Drive, Barboursville, $72,400.

Angelina Korsun to Glenn T. Forloines, 365 Bayberry Way, Deerwood, $370,000.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to Ayotunde Dokun, 5237 Park Ridge Court, Western Ridge, Crozet, $545,934.

Justin T. Beights to Lambert and Lane Real Estate LLC, 0.194 acres at 217 Grass Dale Lane, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $150,000.

Mountain Ridge LLC to Equity Trust Co., parcel, $326,400.

Peacock Hill Community Association to Jane S. and Roy S. Thomas III, 0.599 acres at 614 Big Oak Road, Peacock Hill, $647.71.


Carolyn L. Spencer to Lisa R. and Albert P. Spaar III, 0.377 acres in Rockbrook subdivision, $80,000.

Steven G. Valentine to John A. Johnson, 3.0 acres at 4912 Scottsville Road, $120,000.

Dorothy D. and S. Daley Craig Jr. to William D. Craig, 7.02 acres at 735 Half Mile Branch Road, Tanglewood Farm, gift.

LaSalle Bank National Association, trustee, to William H. Bray, 1662 Royal Oak Court, Village Homes of Mill Creek, $265,700.


Juliana G. Yost to James Savage, parcel in Esmont, $40,000.

Lynne A. Tillack, trustee, to Harvey J. or Leslie L. Wilcox, 491 Ednam Circle, Ednam Forest, $1,085,000.

Gretchen M. Stelling to Jon E. Storey, 2317 Wakefield Road, Wakefield subdivision, $329,500.

William H. Booz IV to Mary Ann C. Booz, trustee,0.290 acres at 2874 Morgantown Road, Ivy, gift.

John H. Marston to H. Carter Hilliard, 12.8 acres on State Route 821, 3830 Blufton Mill Road, Free Union, $465,400.

Marian T. Hughes to Malcolm Aslett, 5727 Oak Drive, Park View, Crozet, $250,000.


Kenridge LLC to L.F. Payne, unit in Kenridge, $1,324,600.

David H. Ferrall to Paul T. Miller, 4.06 acres at 2513 Craig's Store Road, Afton, $277,000.

Mona Griswold to Michael E. Patterson, 91 Georgetown Green, $207,000.

Phyllis Campbell to Matthew C. Lawhorne, 3.25 acres at 5811 Alberene Road, Esmont, gift.

Marcus W. Hastings to Jerry D. Pownall, 15 acres at 3377 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $521,000.

John E. Cobb to Gregory S. Parrish, 5.527 acres at 2017 Old Lynchburg Road, $196,000.


Big Deal:


Kenridge LLC to L.F. Payne, unit in Kenridge, $1,324,600.