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Christopher M. Bowen to Jacob N. Young, 3310 Petal Lane, Rosemont subdivision, $739,100. 

Albemarle Housing Improvement Program to Evergreen Abode LLC, 1.814 acres at 10466 Howardsville Turnpike, $77,300.

Virginia C. Burrowbridge to Eugene R. Haney, 1155 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $270,000.

Shirley Dowd to Thomas J. and Karen M. Roberts, 1923 English Oaks Circle North, English Oaks subdivision, $358,000.

Robert E. Elcox to Charles E. Payne and Kevin T. and Kimberly P. Branham, 444 Woodlands Road, $217,500.

Christopher M. Brement to Michael J. Bond, 0.663 acres at 6558 Woodbourne Lane, Upper Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $1,000,000.

Claude V. Worrell II to Paul M. Brandt, 1.18 acres on State Route 6, 149 Irish Road, Scottsville, $219,000.

Jesse B. Hollis III to Jason E. See, 1527 Jarman Lake Road, Grayrock Orchard, Crozet, $350,000.

Wallace M. Forloines, trustee, to Wesley Wills, lot 5, Mountain Vista subdivision, $125,800.

Charles C. Heilman to Monica Jordan, 1915 Lambs Road, $575,000.

Mark A. Fontenot to Stephen Vondra, 2927 Brookmere Court, Woodbrook, $373,100.


Jonathan D. Hirsh to Robert G. Putnam, trustee, 2086 Secretary's Road, Scottsville, $100,000.

Robert M. Goughnour to Frank D. Pickett III, 2.0 acres at 2854 Southern Hills Drive, Southern Hills subdivision, North Garden, $260,000.

Keith A. Skinner to McLaws Development LLC, lot 30, Townhomes at 1110 Edmond Court, Waylands Grant, gift.

Michael S. Kwon to David White, 1725 Mattox Court, Mosby Mountain, $415,000.

Mary Anne Clause to Michael J. and Penny N. Phelan, trustees, lot 5, 5.02 acres, 1930 Fox Hunt Drive, Keswick Farms, $535,000.

North Pantops Townhouses LLC to Southern Property LLC, six lots in Phase II, Pavilions at Pantops, $510,000.


Peak Builders LLC to Julie N. Carew, 7148 Hampstead Drive, Ballard Field, Old Trail, Crozet, $510,000.

David D. Thompson Jr. to Juergen K.E. Petersen, 2.6164 acres at 3185 Burnley Station Road, Barboursville, $512,500.

Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Kari Beth Lillard, 51 Woodlake Drive, $159,300.


David E. Huard to Dana L. Huard, 3354 Cotswold Lane, Glenmore, Keswick, gift.

J. Stewart Von Herbulis to Michelle F. Payne, 1.477 acres on State Route 630, 3824 Green Creek Road, Schuyler, $141,800.

Nicholas W. Danforth to Roderick Schertler, 5.0 acres at 200 George Rogers Road, $423,700.


Ronald Scott Woodson to Charles Lunsford III, 47 acres at 4969 Plank Road, North Garden, $731,850.

Ronald E. Peterson to John W. Whitehead, 157 Spring  Mountain Road, Mill Creek, $259,000.

Martha W. Cox to Zulema L. H. Weinschenk, unit in Four Seasons condominiums, $121,700.

Tribal Properties LLC to NVR Inc., parcel in Abington Place, $628,000.


Big Deal:


Ronald Scott Woodson to Charles Lunsford III, 47 acres at 4969 Plank Road, North Garden, $731,850.