Glasser and Glasser PLC, trustees, to Bank of New York Mellon, trustee, 2.0 acres, $203,532.

Glasser and Glasser PLC, trustees, to US Bank National Association, trustee, parcel in Stonehenge, $151,400.

Jerry A. Boriskin to Shepard R. Stacy, 3.84 acres at 220 Buffalo Hills Road, Earlysville, $497,000.

Herschel D. Strosberg and Jessica R. Wilk to Woodbyrne Properties LLC, 0.051 acres at 1116 Edmond Court, Wayland's Grant, $210,000.

Maynard Hodgdon to Kathleen Ann Dimock, 7714 Secretary's Sand Road, Beech Hill subdivision, Schuyler, $349,000.

Hauser Homes LLC to Eagle Construction of VA LLC, two lots in Belvedere, $170,000.

North Pantops Townhouses LLC to NVR Inc., condominium units in the Pavilions at Pantops, $607,200.

Joel M. Schectman to David R. Whipple, 3008 Beau Mont Farm Road, Beau Mont Farm subdivision, $586,200.

John A. Ballert to William E. James, 1410 Willow Lake Drive, Willow Lake subdivision, $265,800.

Bonnie K. Ballan to Rebecca L. Perini, 1212 Oak Hill Drive, Oak Hill subdivision, $225,000.

UB Properties Inc. to Cville Billing Associates LLC, two units at 302 Hickman Road, Eastern Ridge Office condominiums, $530,000.


Quandary Farm LLC to Matthew R. Singleton, trustee, four parcels at Quandary Farm, gift.

Frank W. Duncan to Jie Yao, 2969 Magnolia Bend, Forest Lakes, $356,800.

Cavs LLC to Thomas J. Rettie, 22.945 acres in Marshall subdivision, $639,500.

Thomas A. Wavering to Theodor T. Cartwright, 2810 Stratford Glen Way, Stratford Glen, Forest Lakes, $510,000.


I&J Home Builders LLC to Chase A. Melander, 2.150 acres at 5645 Fieldcrest Road, Totier Hills, Scottsville, $272,810.

NVR Inc. to Robert J. Montero, condominium unit at 1956 Ashville Drive, the Pavilions at Pantops, $272.025. 

Haley Chisholm & Morris Inc. to Indian Springs Homeowners Association, parcel in Indian Springs subdivision, $9,700.

Maurice Q. Roebuck Jr. to Suntrust Mortgage Inc., parcel in Indian Springs, $304,900.

Earle B. Hobbs Jr. to Eric D. Restenberger, 1690 Sourwood Place, Hollymead, $255,400.

Westhall Investors LLC to Lyndsey M. D. Olson, 330 Marquette Court, Westhall, Crozet, $159,200.

Jennifer F. Moses to Charles R. Nelms, unit in Riverbend condominiums, $125,700.

Philip A. Linas to Erica D. Simmons, 131 Georgetown Green, Georgetown Green, $210,000.

Surety Trustees LLC to Bay Holdings Inc., 0.5 acres at 5951 Jarman's Gap Road, $348,500.


James R. Dotson to Justin S. VanderLinde, condominium unit in Turtle Creek, 109 Turtle Creek Road, $151,700.

Gary J. Staskoto Jason S. Bower, three lots in Faber, $282,100.

Tamara L. Ginaven to Catherine E. Morrell, 1319 LeParc Terrace, LeParc, RiverRun, $200,000.

Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Inc. to Rainey Road LLC, industrial parcel in Red Hill, $1,060,000.

Big Deal:


Carrier Commercial Refrigeration Inc. to Rainey Road LLC, industrial parcel in Red Hill, $1,060,000.