LETTER- Please examine my Harrington theory

[Re: December 4 cover story: "On the trail: Harrington's body creates new mysteries, angles"]There is rampant speculation about the killer of Morgan Harrington. Until there is a cause of death consistent with murder, there is no killer.

What killer would leave a car parked while carrying a body even half a mile? There are too many other quick drop off sites in the remote area. There is something that would have caused Morgan to have a mental break and wander the ten miles to die of exposure.

Virginia Tech is having a problem with it. Since the Cho shooting there has been a suicide, a beheading murder in the grad center snack bar, and now this strange disappearance death. When will Tech investigate Subliminal Distraction?

L. K. Tucker
Montgomery, Alabama



All of the professionals at this site who've investigated "Subliminal distraction" have found that it is nothing but pseudoscience.


Who's to say he carried and dragged the body. He may have killed her where the body was found. As far as i know exposure has been ruled out.

Tucker - good theory, but did u consider (like Jean implies) whether the killer could have walked Morgan out there?

Morgan was a small girl and anyway it could have been more than one guy carrying her there. "Buddy predators" -- how awful, hope they're caught soon. As far as the Virginia Tech shooter, that was yet another anti-depressant shooter. Even the latest shooter from Alabama was on anti-depressants, in fact SSRIs and other psych drugs are well-known as the number one cause of school shootings. Some of their side effects are suicide and HOMICIDE, they cause kids to lose empathy for other people. (I have a theory of my own, just like you on this -- it might not be the drugs themselves that are entirely to blame. Omega-3 deficiency is a common cause of depression. So if you drug someone instead of giving them Omega-3, won't that make them deteriorate even more as their deficiency becomes worse the entire time the drug is masking their symptoms?) The effect you're talking about here is probably true for some cases though -- when I think about it, some of my craziest co-workers from jobs in the past have been at compamies that didn't have high cubicle walls, including a girl who was almost fired for verbally attacking her boss for no apparent reason. But as far as Morgan's case -- it's pretty clear that it was sexual predation. Get used to it, it's ugly and hard to wrap your mind around people being that evil, but it's way too common these days. Rape drugs have made it even worse. Thanks for your theory though, it's probably true of some cases but not this one.

It is possible this is a local hunter from nearby, or from an outlying area; someone who preyed far enough from his own area, where his criminal reputation was probably known to local LE.

How do hunters get deer carcasses back to their vehicle? I am no expert, but I would venture to say they carry them. I believe this killer saw this place as a perfect hunting ground for wild animals, and the perfect place to dump a body. So, he had the place; he just waited for the opportunity to present itself, and a pretty girl hitchhiking at night was a dream come true for him. He already had his place, and now he had his victim. He already knew where he was going to hide his vehicle.

A person becomes quite stronger than their usual capabilities while under the influence of an adrenaline rush, which I am sure he had.

This person is a psycopath, I would venture to say. Someone with no conscience, someone with a low self esteem who needs to take control. He has no respect for women. He will do this again. It is only a matter of time. He is an opportunist. This is not the first time he has raped, but it might be the first time he has murdered. I am sure Morgan put up one heck of a fight, so he did what he thought he had to do.

I kind of can't believe The Hook is even giving this "subliminal distraction" theory focus. There may indeed be something amiss with Virginia Tech, but that wouldn't necessarily be it. Look instead at mind control if one wants a conspiracy theory about Virginia Tech and the various killers and kooks that have recently been connected to it. Blacksburg has all sorts of military stuff nearby and Virginia as a whole is closely connected with D.C. And as anybody who's researched mind control knows, where the military goes, mind control experimentation follows. Research MK Ultra, etc. if one is curious to learn more. But "sublimninal distraction"? I don't know about that, and I don't think whatever happened with Morgan has anything to do with any particular conspiracy. But that's just me and I could totally be wrong.

SERIOUSLY, are you kidding me? You have been trying to draw attention to yourself from DAY ONE. You are NOT VSP or LE, and you don't know all the facts like they do. Let them DO THEIR JOBS and stop spreading your pseudoscience bull where it is not welcome. You've been booted off boards before, and you're lack of consideration for the Harringtons is REALLY starting to piss me off. I'm so sick of people like you showing up trying to draw attention to themselves...not out of respect for Morgan, but for personal gain. To show off I guess. You can have your theory. But your THEORY as it is has been rejected time after time so why don't you try respecting the Harringtons and backing off, and posting ALL OVER THE INTERNET with this nonsense. You are entitled your opinion as am I, but the fact like you go everywhere you can to spread this THEORY and attach Morgan's name to it, is utterly disheartening. STOP THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF AND CONSIDER OTHERS, AND BACK OFF FROM THIS. I look for REAL news on Morgan's killer, YES KILLER, because her death was ruled a HOMICIDE, everyday. Don't lessen this incident. There is a killer, and maybe even a serial killer out there, attacking young women, and that is the focus here. Not delving in to the Twilight Zone to examine some theory about subliminal nature.

Tucker's ideas wouldn't be so crackpot if he actually tried to apply them to situations where they could be conceivably relevant.

I wonder how Tucker explains how Morgan Harrington managed to walk ten miles on a chilly night in a disoriented state on major roads and highways and not attract anyone's attention? Hundreds of motorists would have passed her walking on the side of Route 29, and yet not one has reported seeing her there.

Boo, there is a top secret DARPA mind control underground base at the Kimballton mine near Blacksburg. Both Cho and Hasan did "research" there. Harrington's father is a psychiatrist. Probably a coincidence, but not necessarily.

John, if you know about DARPA's underground mind control base, how then can it be "top secret"?

Could be that JG has spent some time there Hoolarious.

Oh, you mean the Kimballton research facility:


Sorry, no mind control, just physics and engineering:

Low Background Physics at the Kimballton Underground Research Facility (KURF)
The next generation of ultra-low radiactive background detectors will explore the frontiers of low energy neutrino physics, neutrinoless double beta decay and direct dark matter searches. These experiments all require construction materials and environments with minimal and tightly controlled radiactive contaminants. It is the goal of this counting facility to measure the radioactivity in typical detector components and materials such as copper, electronics, plastics, shielding materials, photomultiplier tubes, etc. to very low levels. We also anticipate that these measurements will be invaluable to upcoming experiments in the proposed Homestake Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL).

Hoolarious, I'm sure most people around the Blacksburg area know about the underground mind control base, and I'm sure most people don't know exactly what goes on at the base because it's DARPA, it's underground, and it's top secret. I have heard that both Seung Hui Cho and Major Hasan were associated with the base, and I don't believe Seung Hui Cho acted alone in the Virginia Tech massacre.

john, you don't seem to understand my point--it's not really top secret if most people around blacksburg (and you, as well) know about. that's kind of the opposite of top secret.

Mind control isn't needed to explain sexual predators, there are plenty out there who need no encouragement. And mind control is pervasive, in use more than most Americans would think. Read on...

"One day, Flanagan and his fellow science monkeys from the Pentagon were gathered at one of their homes, preparing to start some experiments. They often experimented at their homes, on their own time -- Flanagan once described why he believes that Jesus told people to love their enemies (often scientists are deeply religious). Flanagan once took frequency readings on both his wife and himself, and then started to think loving thoughts toward his wife. He noticed that his wife then started to emit the same "loving" frequencies. Thus, he said, Jesus told you to love your enemies because your enemies would then love you in return. I wonder if the experimenting on his wife thing contributed to his divorce... But I digress.

So Flanagan and his gang of science monkeys were taking a reading on the home's electrical ground, to get a baseline reading before they started their experiments for the day. At that particular moment, as fate would have it, in walked Dr. Lilly, inventor of the Lilly Wave -- a type of mind control wave that can enter the brain while evading detection by the human/animal receiving it. (There are other types of mind control waves, for example patents have been found for mind control technology based on bursts of microwaves and other methods, some probably more damaging to the person/animal than the Lilly Wave. Who knows what the government is using these days -- probably everything it has.) As soon as Lilly saw the electrical meter, he said, "How did you know about Lilly Waves?" Flanagan and the other scientists immediately knew what Lilly's remark meant. They looked at each other and said, "So THAT'S how they do it!" (Referring to at least one way the government delivers mind control waves to the masses -- through the electrical grid.)

The thing that amazed me most about Flanagan's story was that Dr. Lilly himself didn't know how his invention was being used! That's why I always tell kids who dream about discovering this or that, to think about the world of classified science and how their invention could be taken away from them and used by people with bad intentions. Flanagan had such an experience as a tender young teenager, when his science fair invention to detect nuclear launches (Flanagan modestly claimed it was simple triangulation) was seized and classified, with a friendly letter from Uncle Sam advising him that he'd receive death by firing squad for treason if he were to provide plans for that invention to anyone else. Incidentally, Flanagan thinks that invention is still in use today, mounted on satellites to detect nuclear launches from space."

- Footnote from "Virginia's Senatorial Race: Lessons of Life from Macaca-Land"

Did somebody say, "Macaca"?

It doesn't have to be classified "top secret" to be secret, and even if it was (and is) people would still know about it's existence. And most likely the shadow government is controlling our brain waves through radiation emitted from cell phone base stations (see "dual use towers"), not electrical grids. That's why we should take them all down immediately, but don't wait for Duane Snow to call for the immediate removal of all cell towers in Albemarle County anytime soon! (Hi, Duane)!

You people are really scaring me with all the neoscientifico-babble, or maybe I just do not have enough education to follow your train of thought. To me, some of you sound like you might be schizophrenic, paranoid type.

People, may I politely implore you to get back to the basics on Morgan's murder, and come back to earth???

Just exploring all the possibilities, bos. Got a problem with that?

John, I'm assuming that you are aware that there are live webcams of the research going on at the Kimballton underground facility, right?


Or do you think that all of the low background particle physics work is just a cover for the "top secret" "mind control" research?

First thanks to The Hook.

Some of you have not done your homework. Many of the issues raised in this thread are on my site. There is a new page, Site Summary, that covers the seven year investigation.

There have been other cases like this. Ron Tammen, Miami of Ohio, April 1953 has the most information. (Missing Students page for the link or read the Site Summary.)

No one has recognized that this is not just my theory. It is a problem discovered and solved forty years ago. I learned about it in college in the 1960's. I found a way to investigate using the Internet.

It is believed to cause a harmless episode of confusion in business offices.

My wife had this mental break in 2002. I saw it first hand. I was stunned to learn it is unknown by anyone in medicine or psychiatry.

To determine if this happened interview Morgan's roommate and study friends. She had to have created the "special circumstances" for exposure and used that location for weeks.

Fugue victims appear normal with normal strengths. They have mental confusion not physical disability. (Tammen had walked eleven miles when he was sighted for the last time.) It has been known for about three hundred years that a severe mental episode blocks the perception of cold.

There are other current cases. A high school student on the west coast went for a coffee break and vanished. Her car was found forty miles away parked, locked, with a single set of footprints walking away. Her body was found with her feet in the river about a week later. Police there are also looking for a killer. They probably won't find one.

What all of you should have done is examine your own computer workstations and study areas. Any one of you could have been in Morgan's place.

Email your friends and send them to VisionAndPsychosis.Net. Get their opinion.

Ask the President of Virginia Tech or Dr.Spencer why they didn't investigate when I warned them.

How many people must die before Tech acts?

Does your school offer Cubicle Level Protection or warn students about Subliminal Distraction?

Again, thanks to The Hook.

Uh, Tucker, you are aware that the Hook's most recent article suggests that the Harringtons, police, and medical examiner view the death as a homicide and know the cause of death but have chosen not to release this information yet, aren't you?

It's interesting that according to his explanation L.K. Tucker is the real villain here. He's uncovered the cause of many horrible tragedies and yet he still refuses to publish his amazing findings in academic or medical journals. How many more people must supposedly perish due to "subliminal distraction" before he shares his insight in scientific form?

Oh, so there's webcams at the top secret mind control base. I guess I must have had a paranoid episode. Thanks for clearing up all of my concerns about DARPA!

Following his arrest, Giuliano says a Region 10 counselor interviewed him before recommending he be involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital in Petersburg. Citing confidentiality laws, Region 10's Buzz Barnett would not comment on the situation, noting only that involuntary commitment is a rare step reserved for situations when other measures fail. But Giuliano says once doctors believed he wasn't having homicidal thoughts-- 10 days after his arrival-- they released him.

Despite his frustration with his experience at the wall, Giuliano says he won't hesitate to visit it again.

"I'll reiterate that I'm still having those thoughts in a different way," he says. "You can't be afraid to make mistakes in life."" (Courteney Stuart, The Hook, February 1, 2007)

When I was "arrested", what was I charged with? Hitting below the belt?

John, you were arrested as a potential danger to the community, but not charged in an arraignment.

Detention without charges, in other words. And tortured as well. Not that I hadn't endured the same more than once before, and not that I couldn't endure the same again. It's what champions are made of.

Yes, champions like Bobby Fischer.

And Bobby Chacon, too. Hell, if you can defeat Jesus you can defeat anyone.



When you write that you are "entertaining serious thoughts of going down to the local abortion clinic on Hydraulic Road, killing the guards, entering the facility and summarily executing the babykiller," in a very public place, then you are pretty much asking to be arrested. That's especially true when you finish up with "My AK47 is neither registered nor illegal, but it is loaded and ready to rumble." Some people might ask why that would only lead to a 10 day detention rather than a much longer one.

The spot where she was found indicates that she was alive until she got to that spot.
Someone would have to be incredibly strong
to carry 120 pounds of "dead weight"
at least a mile. She probably ran from her attacker until that spot, or she was made to walk to that spot, where she was attacked, or she may have jumped or somehow escaped from a vehicle and made it to that spot before she died.

About how long should have I been detained and tortured without charges, hoaxmenot? For that matter, how long should anyone?

Evidently hard drugs are very available to the above readers of The Hook..............

Not to sound preachy, but thinking something and actually doing it are two different things. I wouldn't be half as frightened by someone who just THOUGHT about things he never did, but I'd really try to avoid meeting Morgan's attacker(s) if I knew who they were, even if I were armed. And homicidal thoughts can be caused by all sorts of things, not just SSRIs. Exposure to lead is one of them -- leaded gasoline was seen as a big reason for all of the crazy pointless violence in the 70s. Certain vitamin/mineral/EFA deficiencies, caffeine, sugar, and other bad dietary habits can contribute to all sorts of aggression problems similar to that. The important thing to do is seek help if you think you'll have trouble controlling yourself. Also research your condition and see how you got there. Political beliefs are one thing, but a person can take constructive instead of destructive action because of them. Harming people will alienate people to your cause. Activism to get new types of support for single mothers will make people feel better about your visison. Lots of people would LIKE to kill someone, some people in the community haven't been shy about saying what they'd LIKE to do to Morgan's attackers when they're found. But I'm sure they'll all leave it to the court system to prove guilt... and then probably kill them anyway through a death sentence!

When was the last time a gangsta rapper was "arrested" for being a "potential danger" to the community due to the nature of his/her lyrics? Never, because gangsta rappers don't rap about popping abortionists with their gat, they rap about popping their rivals with their gat, and stupid abortion loving yuppies don't give a damn about the lives of gangsta rappers, although they revere abortionists like local heroes. And what does "potential danger to the community" mean, anyway? Answer: whatever the cop with the pistol, tazer, mace and billy club wants it to mean. Also, the thoughts I expressed were not homicidal thoughts, they were thoughts of executing justice. I didn't write that I was thinking about murdering the baby killer, I wrote I was thinking about summarily executing the baby killer who to this day is still murdering babies in the community. I take my fish oil, food based vitamins, however I did grow up drinking fluorinated water until I found out at 23 why it is really added to the public water suppy. Fluorosilicic acid, among many horrible other things it does, decreases the blood/brain barrier for lead and aluminum. Don't let your kids drink tap water, ever. Let's hope we get justice for all, including Morgan.

Run! The DARPA Initiative took her to The Island! None of this is reality! She's still alive! Someone find the wheel so we can move the continent and get to her before it's too late.... The Others! The Others!....

Um, what'd you say? DHARMA Initiative, not DARPA? Just something on a TV SHOW???? What???!?

Seriously, does Lost make more sense than this periphal subliminal whatsis? How horrible for the Harringtons to be harrassed... Um... Peripherally... by this nonsense.

"Also, the thoughts I expressed were not homicidal thoughts, they were thoughts of executing justice. I didn't write that I was thinking about murdering the baby killer, I wrote I was thinking about summarily executing the baby killer who to this day is still murdering babies in the community."

To answer your question from above, it looks like you shouldn't have been let out yet.

I'm glad I can't see how you look to me. I can only imagine how you would look if you say these things to my face.

More threats of summary execution?

More libel?

more on the subject of threats and subsequent detention-


More on pussies who are happy to libel me all day long on the internet but wouldn't dare call me out: See above.

Has anyone thought it unusual for Morgan to use the expression 241?

The 241 comments she made seem like very contrived meanings; who really say's "love you two, four-ever, once more."

It seems more like some code speak or double talk to someone.

Her father is an MD in psychiatry and associate dean at Virginia Tech.

Some other things to consider: "inaction of her friends," "strange behaviour (drawing attention) at concert," "No security footage."

The circumstances, reaction of people at the concert, reactions afterwards seem very contrived. I don't question the parents behaviour at all, but why don't they blame Metallica hired security for not letting her back in?

It just doesn't make sense- kinda like 9/11. Picture Bush at the K-garten class reading a book and looking like a skunk who already knew what happened.

We know the planes hit the building, but who planned the damn thing? Alot of people think it was an inside job to rob Americans of their civil liberties.

Strange thing: read 18 USC 241

How do they take away civil liberties?

They have to convince the people that it would be safer for them and their children if we didn't have any.

...There's a large part of our society that actually thinks the rights of others somehow threatens their existance. They would do anything in their power to change that, never thinking of who's pulling the strings.

Dan Harrington's not only a psychiatrist, but he's also an Associate Dean at Virginia Tech, home of The Kimballton Underground DARPA Mind Control Base ? It's starting to sound less coincidental every day.

Well said Tcars, I've quoted before in another thread, this from Ben Franklin:
"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
Let's again examine the re-entry policy at JPJ.
For real this time not just to give it lip service. I know, I know, the policies exist all over the country, ever since 9/11. But we are the town with a killer on the loose, a predator. And this policy is clearly a contribution to the disappearance, and subsequent murder of of a young girl. We should, We can do better

Smells like it to me.

And I thought we were talking about Morgans case. Silly me.

We were talking about a crackpot theory. Didn't you read the letter?

Cool, Bush did it............

concealed carry works very well

I see you all have your tinfoil hats on here. I thought this was about Morgan Harrington. My bad.

Perhaps Dan Harrington, as associate dean of psychiatry at Virginia Tech, can tell us all what goes on down there at MK Ultra headquarters.

That's classified information. Silly me.

This is the most surreal exchange I think I've ever read on The Hook. o_O

Truth is stranger than fiction, isn't it?

I posted a piece regarding Morgan Harrington's homicide on my Web site, The Spingola Files (www.badgerwordsmith.com click "Spingola Files" and scroll down).

Sold physical evidence likely exists pertaining to Morgan's disappearance, such as the data from her cellular telephone. If properly obtained, the GPS information should provide Morgan's last known location before the suspect dislodged the battery. If L.K. Tucker would have taken the time to sift through what evidence is public, it is plain to see that this young woman didn't take a ten mile stroll after disabling her own cell phone.

This is a killer(s) who has done his research on cellular telephone technology. He is a fairly sophisticated white male with an upper middle-class background and a post high school education. The suspect has fantasized about such an abduction, as well as the power and control of taking a human life. The fantasies the killer experiences are very powerful and persisted to the point of action. Based on what I’ve read, I’m speculating that the killer probably resided near the farm in the past but no longer lives in the area.

These types of individuals generally go through a cooling-off period until the fantasies reemerge, causing him to kill again.

I agree that L.K. Tucker should focus on cases where actual evidence supports a particular theory. I recently posted an article on my Web site regarding the deaths of nine young men in La Crosse, Wisconsin, which Tucker was quick to link to other causes. My suggestion is this: search for evidence and refrain from cherry picking facts that support a particular theory.

I am utterly disappointed that you all are STIL going on about this crap. Maybe somewhere it is relevant but not in Morgan's case. And you all need to have better respect for the Harringtons, because I could assume they do not appreciate this mumbo jumbo that you're throwing out there to satisfy your curiosity and cause a ruckus. Get off your high horse, and have some respect for the recently deceased and her family. This is ridiculous.

Mr. Spingola, I agree. Morgan's killer is a disturbed person with strange thoughts. I hope the police catch a break in the case or he may strike again.

After reading several postings on how Miss Harrington ended up on a remote part of a 700+ acre farm, i think there are some things worth listing. Some hunters have posted the possiblity of dragging the body. This does not seem possible because i think i read somewhere where there was a bracelet or some piece of jewlery still with the body. Dragging someone for that distance and type of terrain would make keeping any item intact very hard. Dragging dead weight that far would serve a killer no purpose plus the agony and fatigue would be tough to deal with. The party theory would also be difficult to cover up unless there was a promise of a party and the party included only say 2 or 3 people. A party with several folks there would leave more than one witness and someone surely would have came forward with info. Then there is the all terrain vehicle (ATV) that can navigate and travel all over said farm. Someone could come in the front entrance and drive one right up to the location and leave the body. The woods, hills and streams surrounding the mentioned back side home addition may have ATV trails throughout the area leading up close to the farm where the body was found. If they came in that way, then the body could have been carried there by, say two people if they were somewhat close. Where i live there are woods and there are ATV trails everywhere. The location would not be as difficult to get there with some type of 4 wheeler or side by side. The only things left to figure out is did they come in the front way or the back side of the farm. Who is the one who knows this farm well enough to try this and not be noticed?? I think those involved considered this place very convenient and and not that difficult for them to access??

Every so often I google for news on this case, hoping that they've finally caught the young lady's killers. Nothing new lately, so I looked at some of the recent comments on older articles. I found the scenarios by Steve Spingola and D. Turner interesting, and found the Spingola article here -- he's apparently an old police detective and has experience in profiling predators:

Incidentally, I should add that I like D. Turner's post because of this -- it makes sense based on my own experience. Years ago I lived in a rural area where ATVs were popular, and I can tell you that a lot of those riders are really, really bold. They have no qualms about going on other peoples' property. I know -- I had to put up with them at my little rented house, where apparently the ditch near the road was a part of their "trail." There were even times at night, in a rural area with sparse street lighting, where I'd be driving along and suddenly one of them would emerge from a ditch and cross the road right in front of me. They were incredibly hard to see, often on a black ATV with black and silver clothing -- if it weren't for the silver stripes, I wouldn't have even seen them. The point is, some ATV guys are really nervy, and I wouldn't be surprised if there are ATV riders who use parts of that property without being known to the owner.