Blind Date Challenge


Rob is 28 years old, 6'2" and lanky, with blue eyes and a beard. He co-owns a film production company and is interested in backgammon, hanging out with friends, and people-watching while pretending to work. He graduated from UVA with a major in Religious Studies and is a Christian who leans towards the moderate left. Rob says he stands out because he's entertaining and engaging, connects well with strangers, invests deeply in friendships, and can jump relatively high. His best feature is "Googling things." And to stay active he likes to play squash and bike. His favorite book is a tie between Lancelot by Walker Percy and The Brothers K by David James Duncan. Rob is looking for a timeless beauty who's honest, outgoing, and patient who also has some good old spunk. 


Erin is 26 years old, 5'7" and fit, with long brown hair and blue eyes. She's a massage and physical therapist who enjoys learning, relaxing, juggling, skydiving, traveling, and playing the piano. She is still finishing college, and her religious and political leanings are towards "universal awesomeness." Erin's best feature is her smile, but it's her "chillness factor" that makes her stand out. She stays active by doing yoga, constant movement, and hiking. Her favorite book of late is Being Human by Martin W. Ball. Erin is looking for a tall, thin man who's intelligent, open, and enjoys laughter and telling stories. 


The date begins at Charlottesville's Melting Pot— will things steam up? Will their hearts melt? Or will the fondue pot be the only thing that's hot and steamy...


What did you do to get ready for the date?

Rob: I had aspirations to go to the gym to mentally prep beforehand, but I was too lazy and cold, so I just listened to some vinyl instead (Steely Dan's Aja).

Erin: Turned on some music, did a little dance, and changed clothes.


How long did that take?

Erin: 10 minutes.

Rob: A few minutes.


Did you get there first? If so, what did you do while waiting?

Rob: Yes, but not much earlier. I read a Wikipedia entry about the Åland Islands.


Were you nervous?

Erin: No, excited.

Rob: Nope. Excited to meet somebody new.


What was your first impression of your date?

Rob: I was shocked I didn't recognize her. I always assume I will at least have seen a person at some point walking around downtown, even if we've never met, but not this time.

Erin: Shockwave; this is going to be an enjoyable experience.


What was he/she wearing?

Erin: A button down shirt and pants.

Rob: Purple and black top. Interesting crystal necklace and juggling pin earrings.


Was he/she your type?

Rob: I'm not sure I have a type.

Erin: Yes.


Did you like their style?

Erin: Yes.

Rob: Different style than girls I've gone out with in the past. I appreciate her uniqueness.


Did you order drinks?

Rob: She got a bottle of Voss [a Norwegian bottled water], and I had tap water.


How was your meal?

Erin: Interactive and full of instructions. Fondue was an entirely new experience for both of us.

Rob: Fondue equals fun-do. It was a very interactive dining experience.


What did you order?

Rob: We both were rookies on the Melting Pot scene. We just let our very engaging waitress guide us. Which led to spinach and artichoke cheese dip, lobster and white chocolate for desert.


How were you date's table manners?

Erin: Courteous.

Rob: Fondue is not easy to be graceful with, but she did exceedingly well. Can't say the same for myself.


What did you talk about?

Erin: Charlottesville, traveling, performance art, work, play, fun and friends. Whatever came to mind.

Rob: Travels. Experiences. Her juggling passions. Community. Food. Art. Music. 


How did the conversation flow?

Rob: More or less smoothly. Plenty of interesting stories between the two of us.

Erin: Effortlessly.


What did you find most interesting about your date?

Erin: During a four-month band tour of the Northwest, he managed to spend only $100, by trading filming and editing services for food and shelter.

Rob: She has an enlightening conspiracy theory about Carter Mountain. That and the world of juggler is pretty unknown to me.


What was the weirdest/most uncomfortable topic of conversation?

Erin: No weirdness, totally chill.

Rob: Pass.


Anything you didn't like about your date?

Rob: Really didn't ask much about me, had to volunteer information. Which is fine but a little odd for blind date. On the flipside, I probably asked too much.

Erin: Not at all.


What did you all have in common?

Erin: We are appreciative of moment, enjoying the universe we are in.

Rob: Not sure there was much that stands out, but I think we both appreciate new ideas and experiences. 


Did you feel any chemistry?

Rob: No romantic sparks seemed to fly.

Erin: Pheromones.


Any surprises?

Erin: Other than being pleasantly surprised, no.

Rob: The room that they put us in was a surprise. A little tucked away private dining room that has you sharing a booth and staring at a wall. Pretty hilarious.


What was your favorite part of the date?

Rob: Loved meeting somebody new and hearing her perspectives and stories. Always a joy to see what other folks are doing in our community.

Erin: The entire experience was full of delight. Meeting new fun people is always a plus.


How did the date end?

Erin: A walk to the corner and a hug.

Rob: We chatted to the owner of the Melting Pot for a moment, headed out, walked a few blocks together and parted ways as she went to her car, and I walked home.


Kiss? or hug? or handshake?

Erin: A hug.


Would you go out again?

Rob: No plans were discussed.

Erin: Yes.


What actor/actress does your date remind you of?

Erin: No one famous I can think of, but definitely a mixture of a few familiar faces.

Rob: Nobody comes to mind. Maybe Laura San Giacomo in the way she talked– and not really, just testing Hook readers' obscure pop-culture knowledge.


What would your theme song for the date be?

Rob: Michael Jackson had quite a few shout outs, so I think he would earn strong consideration. But maybe change it up and go with "B.B.D. (I Though It Was Me)" by Bel Biv DeVoe... not really in relation with the date, more just because that is such a rad song.

Erin: It's a small world after all.


Rate the Date: 1-10

Erin: 9.

Rob: 7.


Certainly sounds like an interesting date! Are you up for the challenge? If so email 



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There were quite a few typos and errors. Do they reread these before going to print?

"best featuring is"
"the world of juggler"
"the readers of the Hook pop-culture knowledge" name a few. Otherwise, this was a pretty entertaining one. As always, The Hook picks some fun challengers. Do these ever work out?