QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Does your trash hauler use Van der Linde?


Scott Wiseman: "I live out in the country so we just recycle and take it to our local recycler. We use all Van der Linde's large dumpsters."


Kelli Palmer: "I have no idea."


Wendy Brown: "It's the city trash, so I'm not sure."



Is "The Hook" owned by van der Linde? He sure gets a lot of free advertising.

I think you should change the name of "The Hook" to "van der Hook."

This is really getting old. I know we're in Mayberry but surely you could find fresh mateial.

Please ask van der Linde if he has completed waste to energy deal yet to fullfill the 90% recycling promise he is making. As of a few weeks ago still not a done deal according to his appearance on WINA's "The Schilling Show".

Thanks for keeping on the Van der Linde story Hawes et al.

Whether he's reached 90% or not, Vander Linde is sure doing way better than the competition that would rather bankrupt him and get him out of the way than try to match his performance.

After years of being dictated to by the Trash Monopoly of BFI WMS et al. I'm for anyone who will give me an alternative without a perpetual contract. If he can give me service and and do more than merely bury the waste I will support van der Linde.

As for keeping this story alive and in the news, hey it's all about our dollars (both individually and collectively) and I'm tired of free enterprise hacks who the can't take real competition.

The idea that the city and county governments allow themselves (and us) to be held captive by any one service provider is a recipe for cronyism, graft and waste.

If van der Linde's operation can do as well or better than the usual suspects the it should be rewarded by the market - That is the American way (last I heard anyway).

An employee of Vander Linde's told us no household trash was recycled, and that the sorting workers pictured on the website were laid off immediately after the pic was snapped. So we're back to visiting the good ole Fluvanna dump offloading our recyclables BEFORE going on the scale. There must be a special place in hell for buck-chasers who feed off people's conscience and good intentions.