BLIND DATE CHALLENGE: Young and younger: Fourth-year and engineer hit the town

The Blind Date Challenge

Sarah is 22 years old, 5'4", with long blond hair, green eyes, and an average build. She's a fourth-year at UVA who likes to spend free time doing trivia, seeing movies, cooking, watching reality TV, and going out with friends. A liberal Christian, she says her "outgoing personality and honesty" make her stand out as does her desire to have "lots of kids" in the future. Her best feature is "either my eyes or my boobs," she jokes, and her favorite books are anything by Paul Auster or Harlon Coben. Sarah is looking for a fit and good-looking guy with a great sense of humor who "loves to talk and loves to laugh."

Greg is 24 years old, 5'10", with sandy blond hair and an athletic build. He's a software developer who graduated from UVA with a degree in computer engineering. He likes video games and sports and says his willingness to try anything once, especially when challenged, makes him stand out. Greg's best feature are his "blue-green eyes," and his favorite book is Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. He goes to the gym or plays sports at least once a day and prefers "cuteness over sexiness" in women. He's looking for someone 20-26 who "shares his weird sense of humor."


The date begins at Charlottesville's Melting Pot— will things steam up? Will their hearts melt? Or will the fondue pot be the only thing that's hot and steamy...


What did you do to get ready for the date?

Sarah: Just showered, picked out an outfit.

Greg: I put "Eye of the Tiger" on repeat and shadow-boxed in front of a mirror.


How long did that take to get ready?

Greg: About half an hour.

Sarah: About an hour.


Did you get there first? If so, what did you do while waiting?

Greg: I did. I got a gin and tonic at the bar, but I didn't have to wait long for her.


Were you nervous?

Sarah: I was a little nervous.

Greg: Not especially.


What was your first impression of your date?

Greg: Younger than I was expecting. When I went to UVA, I didn't know many students who read The Hook (no offense).

Sarah: I was glad he got there first, and I thought he was cute.


What was he/she wearing?

Sarah: A white button up.

Greg: A black dress.


Did you like their style?

Sarah: Yeah, it was simple.

Greg: Yeah, I was worried I was overdressed, but she also dressed nicely.


Was he/she your type?

Greg: I thought she was pretty cute.

Sarah: I wouldn't really say I have a type.


Did you order drinks?

Sarah: Yes, he was sitting at the bar having a gin and tonic when I arrived, so I ordered a drink, and we sat at the bar for a few minutes.

Greg: We got mixed drinks at the bar, then split a bottle of wine at the table.


How was your meal? What did you order?

Greg: The food was good, but after the wine kicked in, I had a hard time keeping track of how long I was cooking the meat.

Sarah: It was really good, especially the dessert. We did the four-course meal: cheese, salad, entrée, and dessert.


How were you date's table manners?

Greg: Polite; better than mine.

Sarah: Nothing to write home to mom about, but definitely not bad.


What did you talk about?

Sarah: We talked a UVA, TV shows, our families.

Greg: A lot about our backgrounds, sports, TV shows, cooking, etc.


 How did the conversation flow?

Sarah: Pretty well. There weren't a lot of awkward pauses.

Greg: Good; there weren't many silent moments.


What did you find most interesting about your date?

Greg: She's the oldest of three siblings, and she has a personality very similar to my oldest sister (I'm the youngest of three).

Sarah: How much he loves his job.


What was the weirdest/most uncomfortable topic of conversation?

Greg: We briefly discussed politics. It was probably a bad idea with a big bowl of hot oil between us, but luckily we had similar viewpoints.

Sarah: I don't think there was anything too uncomfortable.


What did you have in common?

Sarah: We actually had a lot of very similar political beliefs– things you definitely shouldn't be talking about on a first date.

Greg: We seemed to have similar upbringings.


Did you feel any chemistry?

Greg: A little bit.Sarah: No.


What was your favorite part of the date?

Sarah: The dessert– sooo good.

Greg: The main course gave us more time to talk, since it took a while for the meat to cook.

Any surprises?

Greg: She put down drinks faster than me. I guess I'm getting out of practice. 


How did the date end?

Sarah: He walked me to my car.

Greg: We spent almost three hours at the restaurant, so we ended it there.


Kiss? or hug? or handshake?

Greg: Handshake.


Would you go out again?

Sarah: Probably not.

Greg: She was cool to hang out with, but I don't think I would go on another date.


What actor/actress does your date remind you of?

Greg: A young Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah: A heterosexual Neil Patrick Harris.

Rate the Date.

Sarah: 6.5.Greg: 7.


They seemed like a great match, but alas no sparks. Are you looking for someone new for 2010? If so email for your shot at love. 


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Greg sounds like a stud.