QUESTION OF THE WEEK- When was your street plowed?


Stephanie Snider: "Saturday, Sunday, and I think there was one more on Monday. They actually did a good job in my neighborhood."


Michael Opie: "Never. About a week after the snow. I hope it don't come no more."


Michael Bonnet: "It got plowed when the snow stopped. Saturday."



I don't recall ever hearing or seeing a snow plow on my street, even though I live on a bus route.

One of my neighbors brought in an extremely large 4X4 John Deere tractor from his farm on Saturday and cleared all the sidewalks and the entire street. It had a bucket on the front, and a plow on the rear.

We were probably the first street in the city to have 100% ashpalt and concrete showing. And in short order too.

I live in the new Ryan Home community on Pantops. My street was awful for 3 days following the snow. Maybe my local govt. forgot that we were new in the area? Maybe my community dues are not working too well? Whatever it was, it sucked.

That street was awful from the day Ryan Homes built those ugly boxes along it. Seems more likely that the snow temporarily added a bit of charm.

Oh Mies, sounds like someone is a little green with envy. I am sure if you study hard one day you will be able to afford one.

Nope, I would never trade my classic Victorian era farmhouse for a plastic sided shed.

What a great description of any Ryan Home.
Discoduck, perhaps if you go back to school and study harder you will be able to afford a better home. You are just one step up from a West Virginia double wide.

LOL. Seems like we have usn's some home snobs around these here parts.

Oh silly rabbit and mies, I do not live in one of the "boxes" but I do not try and make myself feel better by demeaning ones that do.

I will put it to you this way. You cannot afford and do never test.

"You cannot afford and do never test."

WTF? Must have gone to a Ryan school.