QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Do you eat local food?

Ryan James: "Yes, I do. I live on the Corner, so my favorite food is Thai food."

Patty Cato: "Yes, I do. My friends have gardens and I also go to the City Market."

Elaine Butcher: "We usually have a big tomato garden, and I try to eat as much local food or shop at the Saturday market as much as possible, however, in stores; I don't usually look for locally grown."



Cool. I eat the McDonald's down the street, so I'm eating local too!

I'm glad that the Thai joints on the Corner locally source all of their ingredients.

2 out of 3 ain't bad.

the main food that C'ville seems to do best is the burger with pizza a close second. C'ville has always had a number of good burgers. Now I would say Boyln heights and the white spot are the best. Around 1970-1973 hardee's had the ledendary big deluxe that was cooked on a real flame grill and a charboil taste and there was a place on the corner when you came in on 20 south that was a fast food joint but very goods the burgers had a real mustard on onion taste