LETTER- You made it all up

I am very unhappy about the comments below the article about the interview this paper insisted having with me about purchasing my dress from Spring Street [June 20, 2008: "Teen beauty queen hits the bricks"].

I know this was a while ago, but I just noticed it. I am not a spoiled brat; I work for everything I have. I live and work on a farm, and I bought this dress on my birthday with my own money. Seeing those comments completely ruined it though.

I also want everyone to know those quotes in the article never came out of my mouth. I don't know if the writer still works for you, but she shouldn't. That was completely false information.

Most people don't know I do pageants because I am not the "type." When it comes down to it though, pageants are about being a leader and helping other people. I think I do a very good job of that with a crown on my head, ball in my hand, or covered in dirt.

It is very sad people are so insecure and jealous of a 15-year-old's hard work, determination, and success that they would have to belittle me like that. They need to meet me before judging me, but then again I was raised with morals. And by the way, I am now 16, still very successful and not pregnant. Ha.
Kelsee Grant

The author of the article, Stephanie Garcia, stands by the faithfulness of the quotations. The insulting online comments have, however, now been deleted by the moderator–editor.