Blind Date Challenge
John is 29 years old, 6'2" and lanky, with green eyes, dark shaggy hair, and an occasional beard. He likes live music, playing and watching sports, cruising the Downtown Mall, volunteering, and outdoor adventures such as rafting and cliff-jumping. He's also active in pick-up sports and biking, and he works in higher education. A Christian, he thinks being a good listener makes him stand out, and his best feature as an athlete, and probably a blind dater, is my wingspan. His favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, and if he has a superpower is would be flying because itd be the most fun with the least expectations. John is looking for someone who is also outdoorsy and laid-back, knows herself well, and knows how to enjoy life.

Tara is 31 years old, 5'6" with long dirty-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She likes hiking and being outdoors as well as music, singing, songwriting, and acting. She teaches high school and has a BS in geology. Outside of work, she spends time with good friends and family, and to stay active she hikes, plays kickball, and likes to run and walk. Tara says her strong personality makes her stand out and she jokes that her best feature is her hair. Lately, she has been nose deep in textbooks and hasnt had much of a chance to keep up with a good book, and if she had a super power it would also be flying. Tara is looking for someone who is funny, outgoing, loves the outdoors, and is motivated. Sounds like John could be Mr. Right!

The date begins at Charlottesvilles Melting Potwill things steam up? Will their hearts melt? Or will the fondue pot be the only thing thats hot & steamy

What did you do to get ready for the date?

Tara: Showered, got dressed, brushed my teeth.

John: Not too much because I had a late meeting, so I just relaxed on the couch to try to change gears from work to blind date.

How long did that take to get ready?

John: Just a few minutes because I tried to already be dressed nicely in case I ran out of time between work and dinner.

Tara: About forty-five minutes.

Did you get there first? What did you do while waiting?

John: Yes. I ordered a beer at the bar, and she arrived soon after, so she ordered one as well.

Were you nervous?

John: A little bit. I was chatting with the bartender, which I probably wouldn't usually do.

Tara: No, I saw the opportunity as a fun time and a chance to meet someone new.

What was your first impression of your date?

Tara: Attractive, nice smile, very courteous.

John: She seemed warm and confident and like she would be easy to get along with.

What was he/she wearing?

John: Jeans, black top, hair down.

Tara: Hmm, I think brown or khaki pants and a button-down shirt with a black pullover vest and chill leather moccasin-like shoes.

Was he/she your type?

Tara: Yeah. He was attractive, really nice, down to earth, and funny.

John: Sure, as much as I know what my type is.

Did you like their style?

John: Absolutely. She looked very nice and kept things low key.

Tara: Sure. He was very relaxed.

Did you order drinks?

John: I had a few beers. She had a beer and then a glass of wine with dinner. We tried some port with dessert.

Tara: Definitely! Two beers, a glass of wine, and we shared a glass of port after dinner.

How was your meal?

Tara: Good! A new and fun experience for both of us! There was so much food we ate for three hours straight!

John: Delicious. I'm going to be happy any time I get filet and lobster tail in the same meal.

What did you order?

John: We had appetizers dipped in cheese, salad, meats and veggies we cooked at the table and dipped in sauces, various desserts dipped in chocolate.

How were you date's table manners?

Tara: His parents did well.

John: We were laughing about getting utensils confused and trying not to burn ourselves.

What did you talk about?

Tara: What we do for a living, pasttimes, people we know in common, music, sports, buying houses.

John: We talked about jobs– we both work or have worked with high-schoolers– and places we have lived. She had a cool set-up in NYC and now has a much more rural place here, which was an intriguing combo. She writes/sings/plays music, and we got going on bands and concerts we both enjoyed.

What did you find most interesting about your date?

John: She has a bunch of different interests and seems to really enjoy life. It'd be fun to throw darts, play kickball, or go to a concert with her.

Tara: That he is really into soccer.

What did you all have in common?

Tara: Friends, coaching soccer, working in education, enjoying the outdoors and music.

John: We both enjoy hiking and camping and almost ended up out West. We like a lot of the same hippie/bluegrass and we like working with high school kids even though they can be a pain.

Did you feel any chemistry?

Tara: We definitely had fun. He seemed like a really nice guy.

John: We seemed pretty comfortable around each other.

What was your favorite part of the date?

John: Our general compatibility; time flew because we had so much to talk about. I also really liked that she knew all the places to throw darts in Charlottesville.

Tara: Laughing and talking and trying to figure out how to eat all that food with fondue forks.

How did the date end?

Tara: Walked to our cars, exchanged numbers, and said goodbye.

John: It was gross weather, so we were pretty brief when we headed to our cars. We swapped numbers and said goodnight.

Kiss? or hug? or handshake?

Tara: Hug.

John: Hug.

Would you go out again?

John: She's a great girl, and I had a great time.

Tara: Sure.

What actor/actress does your date remind you of?

Tara: A young Nicholas Cage.

John: The romantic comedy version of Drew Barrymore.

What would your theme song for the date be?

John: (Trying to guess a favorite of hers:) How about Jerry Garcia doing "Shady Grove?"

Tara: "Let the good times roll."

Rate the date:

Tara: 9 it was fun!

John: 7.5.

Will these two fly away into the sunset together? Or will they meet up for a game of darts? Only time will tell. Are you up for the challenge?