QUESTION OF THE WEEK- What should be done with the unfinished Landmark Hotel?


Rebecca McEntire: "I think it definitely needs to be finished. As far as what it should be, I'm not exactly sure, but it's kind of an eyesore right now. Something needs to be done, whether it's used with different offices or other vendors or even made into a hotel, something needs to be done to it."


Caroline Bruce: "I think we should tear it down because right now it's an empty shell, and it's not the best place to build a hotel. I know it would bring tourism, but it just isn't the kind of tourism appreciated. Right now, it's a big, ugly building, and it's not that great."


Joshua Hudson: "I think it should be torn down. It probably would save the city some money. The city pretty much wasted a couple million dollars putting this brick down here downtown, and the money could go to some better good."



norris should appoint his new assistant (szakos) to personnally clean it up, someone must always clean up after norris

Don't tear it down, that would only add to the "throw away when your done" society culture that we live in. Let's recycle it in a unique and different way. Let's make some use of all that mortar and steel that's been used to put up that structure: instead of just tearing it down let's turn it into a public indoor park only one that's ten stories high and put all those outdoor musicians and venders into it, and put up benches, water fountains. It can be used by our public until someone with deep pockets comes along and has a better idea.

John, I agree 100%. Recycle and keep the height limit we have now. The Japanese have "sunshine laws" enacted (too late) after their building boom deprived people of the sky. We don't want that to happen here. Richmond's an hour away for anyone who wants to go - let's keep it there.

John and Bill I agree. I really like the idea of an indoor park. Maybe a decent movie theater as there is not ONE in this town and a fun resturant for the entire family, we loved David and Busters back home.

How about finishing it off as the new YMCA building? That way we could save the precious McIntire picnic shelter for the recreational pot smoking use it gets now. If Bob Fenwick opposes this, it would force him to admit that in crying "save mcintire park" he was acting only as a paid schill for Phil Wendell (ACAC)'s opposition to a new Y going in anywhere.