QUESTION OF THE WEEK- If you were heading the Morgan Harrington investigation, what would you do?


Jenny Mikulski: "I would remind people that blaming the victim is never helpful."


Sean Patrick: "Increased visibility of who she is and where she might be located or anybody's leads."


Nathan Huffman: "I would track every major event, where they'd be held. I would check highways, byways, rivers. I would check every spot  I could imagine."


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I would disclose as much information as possible. It seems the authorities are withholding a bunch of information and only releasing it as needed. No matter it shine the victim, friends, family, strangers, etc in a positive or negative light we should know as much as possible so we can do our best to find her. If she was high or drunk let us know. If her friends have told information they are withholding let us know. Release the details of the last text messages / calls recovered from the phone. What exactly has been found or is known. 2 months have passed with information slowly being released on a "need to know" timeline and she has yet to be found or any clues to her disappearance. How can she have not been spoted on any cameras @ JPJ (inside or out)? The public should know every detail so we can help find her!