Blind Date Challenge


Christa is 23 years old with blondish hair, green eyes, a thin frame, and medium height. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, as well as music, traveling, cooking, and "overall having fun." A UVA grad who now works as a graphic designer in Charlottesville, she's pretty active– runs and works out every week– and says her easy-going sense of humor makes her stand out. Christa is looking for "a tall guy with a great smile who doesn't take himself too seriously."

Paul is 26 years old, 5'11" with short blond hair and green eyes. He likes listening to live music, going to shows, outdoor activities, sports, and playing with his dog. He graduated from Virginia Tech and now does event marketing and promotions. Like Christa, he runs a few times a week and wants to become involved in intramural sports. Paul is looking for a "confident, athletic girl with natural beauty and a smile that makes others do the same... someone open-minded and willing to experience life to its fullest."

Christa and Paul met at Bel Rio in Belmont.

What did you do to get ready for the date?

Christa: not much out of the ordinary, showered, figured out what to wear.

Paul: Changed clothes and looked up directions to the restaurant.

How long did it take to get ready? 

Christa: About an hour.

Paul: 15 minutes or so.

Did you get there first? If so, what did you do while waiting?

Paul: Yes. I sat outside and enjoyed the evening.

Were you nervous?

Christa: A little, since I've never been on a blind date.

Paul: Not really.

What was your first impression of your date? 

Christa: He seemed very relaxed, comfortable, and happy.

Paul: Wonderful personality, easy to talk to.

What was he/she wearing? 

Christa: Black button down shirt and jeans.

Paul: Sleeveless top with jacket and dress pants.

Was he/she your type? 

Christa: In some ways, yes, but not in others.

Paul: Fun, intelligent girl with a career: yes.

Did you order drinks? 

Christa: We both got a couple beers.

Paul: A few.

What did you order? 

Christa: We shared a calamari appetizer, I got paella, and then we shared tiramisu for dessert. He had a steak. It was really good.

How were you date's table manners? 

Christa: They were very good. He was very polite.

Paul: Very polite.

What did you talk about? 

Christa: A lot! Music, hobbies, interests.

Paul: Our jobs, upbringing, family, hobbies and interests, past relationships and lack of blind-date experience.

How did the conversation flow? 

Christa: Very smoothly, lots of talking; it took us half an hour to even look at the menu.

Paul: Very naturally.

What did you find most interesting about your date? 

Paul: She was a very interesting girl all-around, but I loved that we had similar interests in art and music.

Christa: 1. That he had lived in Charlottesville for a year and a half and had never been to Belmont. 2. He doesn't have a gallbladder.

What did you all have in common? 

Christa: We both like music a lot, and have some similar favorites.

Paul: Very similar lifestyles and personalities; we got along very well together.

Did you feel any chemistry? 

Christa: Not really, but sometimes it's hard to tell after just meeting someone once.

Paul: There was some chemistry as we shared a lot of laughs and smiles throughout the evening.

What was your favorite part of the date? 

Paul: It was a great evening from start to finish.

Christa: I was expecting some awkwardness, but it felt like we had already been friends before the date. It was overall really fun.

How did the date end? 

Paul: We gave one another a hug and exchanged phone numbers so we could hang out again.

Christa: We hung around for a while after dinner watching the band [Caravan of Thieves], and headed out when they took a break.

Kiss? or hug? or handshake? 

Christa: Hug.

Paul: Hug.

Would you go out again? 

Paul: Definitely.

Christa: Probably.

Rate the Date: 

Christa: 8.

Paul: 8.


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