THESPORTSDOC- Series quiz: Test your B-ball knowledge

One of many huddles.
Erick Gustafson

Monday night's Game 5 of the World Series didn't turn out quite as many expected, i.e. the Phillies won. After their pitiful offense against C.C. Sabathia and their highly embarrassing defense against Johnny Damon in Game 4, the general concensus was that Philadelphia was down for the count. Though the Phillies pulled it out of the fire Monday night, their 8-6 win did little to dispel that belief.

But whether you are a Yankees fan or a Phillies fan, this has been a very interesting Series. Records have been made and broken, major calls have been blown, and the pitcher's mound has seen more meetings than the Hyatt Regency. Let's see how much you know about the 2009 World Series.

1. In Game 3, A-Rod's drive to right field hit what object overhanging the fence? (The hit was initially ruled a double but after video review was ruled a two-run homer.)

a. a fan's glove

b. a television camera

c. the Phillie Phanatic

d. a homemade sign

2. As of Game 5, Chase Utley has hit how many home runs in the Series, tying Reggie Jackson for most home runs in a World Series?

a. Seven

b. Nine

c. Five

d. Four

3. In Game 5, Phillies' NLDS MVP Ryan Howard tied what World Series record set in 1980 by Royals' Willie Wilson?

a. Most foul balls caught 

b. Most bats shattered

c. Most strikeouts

d. Most intentional walks

4. In Game 4, Yankees' players held how many meetings at the mound in the first inning?

a. Two

b. Six

c. Four

d. One

5. In that same game, Yankees' players met how many times in the fifth inning?

a. One

b. Three

c. Eight

d. Five

 6. Which Phillies' pitcher declared of the Series, "I can't wait for it to end. It's been mentally draining."

a. Cole Hamels

b. Cliff Lee

c. Pedro Martinez

d. Brad Lidge

 7. In Game 2 at Yankee Stadium, what did fans chant throughout Pedro's time on the mound?

a. "Pedro, go home!"

b. "No, no, Pedro!"

c. "Who's Your Daddy?"

d. "I'm Your Daddy!"

8. Both Game 5 starting pitchers, A.J. Burnett and Cliff Lee, are from what state?

a. Arkansas

b. South Carolina

c. Indiana

d. Oklahoma

9. In Game 4, which Phillie was called safe at home at the bottom of the fourth, tying the game, but actually never touched the plate?

a. Chase Utley

b. Ryan Howard

c. Shane Victorino

d. Jason Werth

10. If the Yankees win the World Series, how many total championships will they have?

a. 31

b. 26

c. 27

d. 36


1.b, 2.c, 3,c, 4.b, 5.c, 6.a, 7.c, 8.a, 9.b, 10. c


Juanita Giles lives in Keysville where she makes videos and updates her">Sports Doctor site.