LETTER- Blondes get all the coverage

I am shocked about your current cover dedicated to the missing Morgan Harrington [October 29: "'Off the face of the earth': the hunt for Morgan Harrington"] for three reasons:

1. Was it necessary to make her depiction such that she looks like a ghost when she hasn't even been declared dead?

2. Do you really think such a fuzzy grainy photo/illustration with the dire headline "off the face of the earth" is helping at all towards recovery efforts? (It appears as if you have capitalized on the dramatic to spite what is constructive.)

3. Most importantly, would you have dedicated the same amount of layout pages had she not been blonde and beautiful?

She and her family have done nothing wrong, nor is their anything wrong with being blonde and beautiful; I do very very much hope to see a safe return of Morgan to her family. It is simply that every time I see a publication plastered with blonde white women, I think about how many others we don't see and why this is the case.

Please consider your covers more carefully next time.

Hannah Elliott