CORRECTIONS- Harrington, not the Y

Last week's news story, "Single shot: Can an independent win Council seat," inaccurately stated that the city unveiled its plans to chop two softball fields from McIntire Park to make way for the YMCA. The city has long maintained the chopping of the softball fields had nothing to do with the Y.

Last week's cover story, "'Off the face of the earth': the hunt for Morgan Harrington contained the following errors:

• Her mother's rhetorical question was misprinted as "Should we have have installed fear?" It should have been "Should we have instilled fear?"

• The year that UVA grad student Pat Collins disappeared was not 1985 but was actually 1986.

• Relying on older information, we reported an alleged 8:40pm phone call between Morgan and her friends. After press time, police adjusted that time of the communication to 8:48pm.