Samuel I. White, trustee, to Community Bank, lot in Murray subdivision, $388,200.

Noah G. Schwartz to Kerri Heilman, 3009 Indigo Road, Parkside Village, Crozet, $385,900.

Commonwealth Asset Services Inc., trustee, to Branch Banking and Trust Co., 1048 Bridlewood Trail, Keswick, $479,300.

NVR Inc. to Peter O. Simon, condominium unit at 1529 Montessori Terrace, the Pavilions at Pantops, $272,019.

Jeffrey H. Buddington to Derek W. Funk, 1170 Cedar Brook Court, Highlands at Mechums River, $323,000.

Christina M. Stelling to Brit W. Minor, 2524 Commonwealth Drive, Berkeley, $208,000.


Village at Chestnut Grove LLC to Melynda M. and Edward J. Zarzyski Jr., 2 Sienna Lane, the Village at Chestnut Grove, Earlysville, $155,000.

Bank of America National Association to Danielle E. Fuentes, 6.05 acres at 10889 Howardsville Turnpike, Esmont, $178,200.

Jeffrey G. Hanna, trustee, to Jennifer A. Wyss, 235 Homestead Lane, Mill Creek, $290,000.

John H. Seal to Dorothy J. Foster, 1575 Gray Fox Trail, Ivy Oaks, $269,200.

Starlight Group LLC to Frank Radics, condominium unit at 197 Yellowstone Drive, Parkside at Eagles Landing, $166,600.

Brian C. Gross to John M. Flynn, 714 Merion Green, RiverRun, $177,000.

Margaret R. McIntire to Michael C. Wiener, 1212 Redfields Road, Redfields, $350,000.

Anne Beckenstein to Anthony J. and Cynthia Zalar, 129 Georgetown Green, Georgetown Green, $220,000.


Daniel J. Bledsoe to Rhoda M. Miller, 1604 Stony Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $292,000.

Floyd Randolph Combs to Jeffrey H. Buddington, 2504 Northfield Road, Northfield, $380,000.

Scott P. Commins to Ari Blatt, 1633 Shady Grove Court, Mill Creek, $277,500.

Chad M. Schnarr to Stephen W. Wiliams, 3100 MorewoodLane, Highlands at Mechums River, $291,000.

Douglas M. Andre to Scott P. and Jenny S. Commins, 2205 Tyler Place, Waverly, $615,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to John W. Painter, 340 Patriot Way, Liberty Hall subdivision, $375,512.

Henry Ruhe to Cynthia A. Williams, 1531 Lake Forest Drive, Four Seasons, $230,200.

Donna Harris to John I. Vigour, 2215 Westover Drive, $299,600.

NVR Inc. to Charles M. Duke II, condominium unit at 1547 Montessori Terrace, the Pavilions at Pantops, $261,505.


Wittstadt Title & Escrow Co. LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., parcel in Bargamin Park, $230,400.

NVR Inc. to Edward Cecil Banks Jr. condominium unit at 1552 Montessori Terrace, the Pavilions at Pantops, $247,185.

March Mountain Properties LLC to Piedmont Senior Living Real Estate LLC, parcel at Old Trail Village, $772,500.

Margaret W. DeMallie, trustee, to James H. Moak, 445 Rookwood Drive, Ednam Forest, $800,000.

Michael C. Sadler to Alexander Kurland, 1.013 acres at 2866 Vest Walker Road, North Garden, $246,000.

Boyd A. Burgoyne to Joshua Baumann, 2148 Stoney Point Road, $125,000.

Nancy Lee Kozum, ex., to Kenneth W. Lawless, condominium unit in Minor Townhouses, $115,000.

Hugh J. Cummings to Megan Bloodworth Rowe, 1586 Garden Court, Garden Court townhouses, $175,000.

M. Clifton McClure, ex., to Robert D. Prevatt, 1.922 acres at 2529 Taylor's Gap Road, North Garden, $246,700.

Susan Dent Gushue, trustee, to Magruder Dent III, 40.09 acres at 1110 Woodlands Road, $800,000.

Roxana S. Colvin, trustee, to Josiah David Peske, 97 Georgetown Green, Georgetown Green, $212,500.


Craig Enterprises Inc. to David F. Riddick and Patricia H. Love, 1338 Gatepost Lane, Highlands at Mechum's River, $321,098.

Jeffrey S. St.Amant to William Brooks and Michelle Piel, 119 Doncaster Lane, Sherwood Manor, $196,000.

Wanda Kay Morris to Stephanie M. Woodson, 2392 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $188,000.

Barbara Thompson to James E. Vargo, 8.0 acres at 300 Campbell Road, Keswick, $535,000.

Price W. White to Frayser F. White IV, 1.0 acres at 4178 Plank Road, North Garden, gift.

Washington Savings Bank SB to Seth K. Oldham, 7.050 acres on Sweet Hollow Lane, $126,600.

Robert F. Moshier, trustee, to Bernard V. Thisse, 2.1 acres at 820 Black Cat Road, Keswick, $650,000.

Big deal:


Margaret W. DeMallie, trustee, to James H. Moak, 445 Rookwood Drive, Ednam Forest, $800,000.