LETTER- Szakos lacks will on Parkway

Kristin Szakos says in your interview [October 15 cover story: "Eat fresh, vote local: Pick your own pols in 2009"] that she is opposed to the Meadow Creek Parkway, because it is bad for the city, but as a councilor, she could not "legally" stop it.

This answer is disingenuous at best. Of course, a majority on council can stop the Parkway!

Perhaps she is referring to her previously stated claim that the deal with the county should be upheld. It is blindingly clear that the County has not upheld their part of the bargain and has no intention to (Eastern Bypass anyone? And what's going on with that interchange?)

Unfortunately, too many of your readers will believe that it is too late, because there has been no quality reporting about the politics (nor many of the facts) of the Parkway. Readers take note: Is Ms. Szakos saying she lacks the political will to change something that is bad for Charlottesville? Vote for Dave and Bob!

Joanna Salidis



Great points Ms. Salidis. If you want Fenwick elected, single shot voting for him is the only way it's going to happen however. That what I plan to do and I hope enough people are fed up with the status-quo around here to join me.

I've cut an pasted an explanation of why single shot voting is necessary from another Hook post:

Perhaps independent Antoinette Roades best explains how this seemingly counter-intuitive strategy works:

“Let’s say that 100 people go to the polls. Two seats are vacant, so each person can vote twice, although none need do so. Let’s also say that 51 of those 100 people cast one of their votes for Fenwick while 49 cast one of their votes for Norris and the other of their votes for Szakos. If everyone stops there, Fenwick wins a seat. But if even three of Fenwick’s 51 also cast votes for Norris and a mere three more cast votes for Szakos, both Norris and Szakos end up with 52 votes and Fenwick is completely shut out.”

I hope this community realizes this may be the most important vote for the preservation of Charlottesville that they ever cast. Save parks, reservoirs, neighborhoods and money --lots of it--Vote for Bob and tell all your friends. Together we can elect a strong advocate for the people, Bob Fenwick, to help Mayor Norris get the job done.