Ellen J. Mitchell and Ward M. McLaughlin Jr. to Margaret V. Lee, 1211 St. George Avenue, $190,000.

Octopus Properties LLC to Michael A. and Susan D. Balduzzi, condominium unit in Walker Square, $234,600.

Scotti S. Troxell to Robin Hanes, 208 18th Street NE, $80,000.


NVR Inc. to Raymond B., Alexandra, and Lorna S. Werntz, 922 Bing Lane, Cherry Hill, $307,146.

Samuel I. White, PC to Carolyn B. Napper and Wells Fargo Financial System of Virginia Inc., 1216 Smith Street, $150,000.

Linda D. Vargas to Michael R. Sinesky, 1625 Concord Drive, Greenbrier, $544,500.

Sutton Group LLC to Bradford M. Young, 123 Birdwood Court, $216,000.


Brian M. and Latishia A. Wilson to Marian A. Brown, 370 Riverside Avenue, $140,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Katherine R. Pierse, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $105,000.

Gregory A. and Shannon C. K. Horridge to Timothy M. Davis Jr. and Molly A. Murley, 708 Elizabeth Avenue, $215,750.


Fred M. Kinnaman to James L. and Anne M. Rucker, 601 Grove Avenue, $395,000.

NVR Inc. to Thomas C. Keller, 930 Bing Lane, Cherry Hill, $267,557.

NVR Inc. to Jan C. and Thomas V. Dagenhart Jr., 926 Bing Lane, Cherry Hill, $264,728.


Donall E. and Nicole K. Cherry to Joy R. Giglio and Bradley P. Miller, 2715 Jefferson Park Avenue, $270,000.

Mary P. Newton to Mary H. Lebow, 1016 Carlton Avenue, $232,000.

NVR Inc. to Timothy G. and Elizabeth F. McGarry, 924 Bing Lane, Cherry Hill, $311,700.

Virginia Murphy to A.G. Williams Construction Co., 724 Nalle Street, $90,000.


Jeffrey Erkelens to John M. and Shannon J. Cruthirds, 605 Monticello Avenue, $399,000.

James A., Kye M., and Rhonda J. Kolar to Garrick G. and Ameberly K. Brown, 1432 Rugby Road, $465,000.

John R. Lukens to Sonya A. Donaldson, 703 Rock Creek Road, $239,000.

Southern Development Group Inc. to Southern Property, lot 14 in Carter's View, $115,000.


Allen F. and Frances Birckhead to Ryan and Sarah McClellan, 14232 Lester Drive, $297,000.

Hope A. Leopold to Steven F. McHugh, 306 Palatine Avenue, $179,500.

Elizabeth Moon Mawyer to Simon Oliver Properties LLC, unit 606 in Charlottesville Towers Condominiums, $135,900.

NVR Inc. to Jennifer L. King, 918 Bing Lane, Cherry Hill, Johnson Village, $328,416.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Wendy P. Summers, 124 Morgan Court, Huntley subdivision, $379,000.

FTMK LLC to Paul's Rental Properties LLC, 508 Stewart Street, $405,000.

Winn Homes LLC to Carl S. Brow III and Hilda R. Bryant, 174 Baylor Lane, $388,417.


Charles S. Costa and Ben Snealy to Joyce Williams, 1414 Hampton Street, $215,000.

Big deal:


FTMK LLC to Paul's Rental Properties LLC, 508 Stewart Street, $405,000.