LETTER- Rugby Road: Correcting the letter's correction

Nearly everyone (editors included) who tries to correct an error in a newspaper makes a mistake while doing it. I pwomise to pwoofwead vewy, vewy caefuwy.

In the September 17 issue, a senior citizen around my age had a letter in the Hook, "Correction: Like the car, Rugby keeps going," correcting your location of Rugby Road. In doing so, he made two errors of his own.

For one, where the car ran the Rugby Road-Preston Avenue light at high speed and catapulted into the cottage is not where Rugby Road intersects Rugby Avenue. If Rugby Avenue were there, the cottage wouldn't have been. Rugby Road and Avenue actually intersect down the road 50 yards to the left.

Secondly, Rugby Road does not dead-end at the 29/250 Bypass, as stated. Ends, yes, but not dead-ends. At the northern terminus of Rugby Road is a traffic light. One can turn left and visit, for example, the gypsum dunes of New Mexico, or turn right for a meal of fresh caught crabs at Chesapeake Bay, or go straight and discover J-Mart and the world beyond.

No mistakes, right?

Rey Barry