THE BLIND DATE CHALLENGE: Cross-ed connection: Leanne and Matt

Blind Date Challenge

Leanne is a 28 year-old military analyst who enjoys the outdoors, theater, movies, and books. She says her eyes make her stand out, but overall she is "unbelievably normal." She's starting grad school this year and works out regularly. A practicing Methodist whose most recent favorite book is Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom, Leanne says she's looking for "a tall man who is smart, respectful, around her age, and Christian." If she had a super power, it would be knowing what others need and want.

Matt sounds like he might fit the bill. Six-feet two inches tall with brown hair, hazel eyes, and teeth "all of whom are neighbors," he is a 26-year-old Baptist who's politically moderate. He enjoys lacrosse, movies, politics, hiking, and sports and says while his smile is his best feature his sense of humor helps him stand out. One of Matt's favorite books is Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, and if he had a super power it would be telekinesis.

The date begins at Charlottesville's Melting Pot— will things steam up? Will their hearts melt? Or will the fondue pot be the only thing that's hot & steamy...

What did you do to get ready for the date?  

Matt: I took a shower and picked out a shirt.

Leanne: Straightened my hair– I thought the Medusa look might scare people.

How long did that take to get ready? 

Matt: half hour or so.

Leanne: Fifteen minutes or so.

Did you get there first? What did you do while waiting?

Matt: Yes. Had a cup of coffee and watched the football game.

Were you nervous? 

Leanne: Not really; he was on a blind date too!

Matt: No.

What was your first impression of your date? 

Matt: She seemed like a really sweet person.

Leanne: Good looking, solid shoulders, friendly.

What was he/she wearing?  

Leanne: Umm, a shirt, I don't remember. He looked good.

Matt: A tasteful skirt and a pink sweater.

Was he/she your type?  

Leanne: Yes, but I don't really have a type... unless you consider having a brain a type.

Matt: I don't really have a type, but she was cool.

Did you order drinks?  

Matt: Yes, we ordered drinks.

Leanne: Yep, a girl's gotta have a go-to staple drink: Vodka, Peach schnapps, and Cranberry.

How was your meal? 

Leanne: Great. It required a lot of instructions having never been to a fondue restaurant before.

Matt: The meal was great; I didn't realize fondue was such an involved process.

How were you date's table manners?  

Matt: She is very well mannered.

Leanne: Good.

What did you talk about?  

Matt: We talked about everything: family, politics, music, work etc.

Leanne: Work, movies, Charlottesville, books, and how the best music is still vinyls.

How did the conversation flow?  

Leanne: Pretty evenly, not awkward moments or too much one-sided conversation.

Matt: I thought the conversation flowed pretty well.

What did you find most interesting about your date?  

Matt: I liked her adventurous approach to life.

Leanne: Ease of communication and his friendliness.

What was the weirdest/most uncomfortable topic of conversation?  

Leanne: Trying to spin a comment into him calling me a cheap date. Didn't quite work though. He back-tracked the statement well.

Matt: I'm not sure there was one.

Anything you didn't like about your date?  

Matt: No.

Leanne: No. Very pleasant.

What did you all have in common?  

Leanne: Similar backgrounds.

Matt: We seemed to have a lot of common life experiences.

Did you feel any chemistry?  

Matt: Some.

Leanne: Other than feeling comfortable, not really, but he was very good looking and smart.

Any surprises? 

Leanne: Yeah, I was kind of expecting the worst, someone who wouldn't talk or would come on too strong, so I was very surprised by how well the date went.

Matt: Not that I can think of.

What was your favorite part of the date?  

Matt: I really enjoyed the conversation.

Leanne: Meeting another great person in the area and having a good conversation. I sound like such a girl: "great conversation!"

How did the date end?  

Leanne: We decided it was late enough and time to go.

Matt: It ended well. 

Kiss? or hug? or handshake? 

Matt: A hug.

Leanne: High-five! No, just kidding. He walked me to my car, and we hugged. He is very pleasant and considerate.

Would you go out again?  

Leanne: Yes

Matt: Haha, well our individual circumstances make it difficult, but I enjoyed her company.

What actor/actress does your date remind you of?  

Matt: Hmm, maybe a Drew Barrymore character?

Leanne: Maybe Ben Affleck, not quite so long of a face.

Rate the Date 1-10:

Leanne: 7.

Matt: 7.

From the sound of their date, they were a match, but who can explain the mysteries of chemistry?–Matchmaker