Star Hill Cottages LLC to Whit and Dan Properties LLC, condominium unit 401, 211 Cream Street, $409,000.

Star Hill Cottages LLC to Jig Jog Properties LLC, condominium unit 101, 211 Cream Street, $291,000.

Southern Property LLC to Kenneth J. and Kimberly D. Bacso, 940 Raymond Road, Brookwood, $306,830.

Damian F. White and Sarah A. Friel to Hilary W. Holladay, 2611 Jefferson Park Avenue, $280,000.

Selinger Homes Inc. to Rose M. and Benoit Beauchamp, 369 Quarry Road, $293,750.

Eddie M. and Tonya H. Howard to Namory D. Bagayoko, 769 Prospect Avenue, $140,000.

Southern Property to James W. and Kimberly T. Nelson, 949 Raymond Road, Brookwood, $304,900.

Wanda P., Victoria L. and Mary M. Pannell to Robert H. Carey and Dena L. Kubich, 1208 St. George Avenue, $198,000.

Rachel Shaub to Prudential Relocation Services, 412 Moseley Drive, $252,500.

Prudential Relocation Services to Christopher M., John M, and Anita R. Royer, $252,500.


K. Scott and Kimmell J. Proctor to Brian R. and Carol L. Vincel, 1605 Concord Drive, $357,000.

NVR Inc. to Andrew and Suzanne Platt, 917 Bing Lane, Cherry Hill, $291,964.

Yitna B. Firdyiwek and Sharon L. Deal to Erik W. Gunderson and Sarah T. Brooks, 1702 Yorktown Drive, Greenbrier, $425,000.

JPA Investors LLC to Rosekin LLC, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $135,000.

Margaret B. Haupt to Jennifer H. and Charles Craig III, condominium unit in Belmont Lofts, 202 Douglas Avenue, $465,000.

Octopus Properties LLC to Patrick M. and Laura R. Scanlon, unit in Walker Square condominiums, $191,400.

The Yarn Shop to Little Moose LLC and Thomas B. and Phyllis Jane Leitch, unit B in Water Street commercial condominiums, $195,000.

Selinger Homes to Paul A. and Carmen E. McDonald, 359 Quarry Road, $299,000.

Barbara B. and Myron D. Coerper to Anna T. Lane, 1658 Meridian Street, $233,500.


Rebecca D. and O. Mitchell McCullough to Joshua A. Berger, condominium unit in Burnet Commons, 109 Burnet Street, $290,000.

NVR Inc. to Sibasish Ghosh, 632 Ranier Road, Cherry Hill, $399,483.

H. Clayton, Cynthia T., and Evelyn T. Shelton to Peter Boyd, condominium unit at 1243 Cedars Court, $102,500.

Joanne K. Saathoff to Gregory B. and Andrea E. Shea, 1863 Field Road, $483,000.


JPA Investors to Christopher H. Gregg, condominium unit at 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, $147,000.

Amanda B. Washington to Denise R. Young and David Londree, 421 Riverside Drive, $172,341.

Thomas H. and Judith J. Campbell to Arlyn P. Rosefsky Revocable Trust, condominium union in Lewis and Clark Square, $435,000.

Stuart B. Hively and Sarah E. Dieter to KVR 1602 LLC, 1603 Keith Valley Road, Greenbrier, no price given.

Big deal:


Joanne K. Saathoff to Gregory B. and Andrea E. Shea, 1863 Field Road, $483,000.