Lisa A. Jacobson to Sarah H. Dewitt, 902 Locust Lane, $243,000.

Alioth R. Glaettli III and Katherine M. Newhouse to Wendy J. Roberman, 414 Arbor Circle, $248,000.


Octopus Properties LLC to John G. and Donna S. Colan, unit in Walker Square condominiums, $170,400.

Timothy B. and Mari A. Alexander to Anne M. Rindge, 1414 Cherry Avenue, Forest Hills, $230,000.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Patrick T. and Meghan W. Keith-Hynes, 602 Belmont Avenue, $141,700.

NVR Inc. to Alfredo and Claudia Yanez, 913 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, $266,804.

Jennifer Wyss-Jones to Brad C. Jones, 907 Rosser Lane, no price given.


Gregory S. Crickenberger to Philip M. and Janie L. Grussing, 1020 St. Charles Avenue, $200,000.

VaParc LLC to University of Virginia Foundation, 0.685 acres on 11th Street SW, $2,800,000.

Del Ray Group to Pamela A. Anderson, 420 Riverside Drive, $150,000.

Michael L. and Harry T. Craft Jr. to Joshua M. Cordonnier and Brijith Y. Diaz, 606 Lexington Avenue, $295,000.


Brian Barthlomew and Shannon D. Smith to Andrew T. and Emily B. Bessell, 112 Elkhorn Road, Johnson Village,$300,300.

David L. hughes to Dinesh G. and Swati D. Sarvate, condominium unit in 1800 Jefferson Park Avenue, no price given.

Deborah E. Lewis to Barbara A. Hampton, 103 Darien Terrace, $184,000.

Brian M. and Julia M.C. Leo to Joel Ruban, 302 Monte Vista Avenue, $265,000.

Opre Gleason's Acquisition LLC to Peter Menshall, 126 Garret Street, suite G, no price given.

UVA Foundation to Board of Visitors of UVA, five parcels on west side of 11th Street, $26,640,000.


Church Hill Development LLC to Beau W. and Christa L. Dickerson, 138 Baylor Lane, $335,000.

Southern Property LLC to Lynette N. Lipp, 936 Raymond Road, Cherry Hills, $340,500.


Christopher J. and Amber E. Porter to Francis A. Laushway, 2200 Hill Street, $408,000.

Sean P. and Tia L. Matt to Kevin A. and Lauren J. Wells, 363 11th Street NW, $286,000.

Hauser Homes LLC to Rose C. Sallie, 819 Village Road, $414,500.

Daniel and Margaret B. Kuttner to Hugh and Tisha S. Calvin, 1571 Melbourne Road, $310,000.


Heather A. Haney to Stephen D. and Tiffanie A. Jackson, 2311 Greenbrier Drive, Greenbrier, $308,000.

Octopus Properties LLC to Emily R. Gantt, condominium unit in Walker Square, $165,500.

Tarnya D. Smith to Virginia A. Knight and Andres M. Z. Alvarez, 117 Danbury Court, $175,000.

Tom Glendening and Susanna Stieff to Michael A. and Karen A. Ball, 802 Park Street, $326,000.

Michael G. Ioakimedes to Ashley V. Ioakimedes, parcel on River Court, no price given.


Kent R. and Jennifer B. Donovan to James C. and Jennifer B. Feist, 1868 Winston Road, $745,000.

Laura M. Rys to Carol D. Tenney, 1106 Locust Avenue, $194,900.

Maurice Dooms to Marylinn J. Indebetouw, 407 Oakmont Street, $227,500.

Katherine F. Griforn to Theodore M. and Kelly S. O'Neill, 1011 Cottonwood Road, $290,000.

Big deal:


Kent R. and Jennifer B. Donovan to James C. and Jennifer B. Feist, 1868 Winston Road, $745,000.