QUESTION OF THE WEEK- Should a blogger be allowed to expose the stakeouts of the drug cops?


Paul Martin: "Yeah, I believe so. With the power that our government has these days, and how big of a society we have here, it's not bad to keep them in check every once in a while. I think it's a good thing."


Robert Rydland: "I believe they should be able to. In all honesty, cops are a**holes, so why not keep tabs on them?"


Karen Powers: "If it wasn't illegal, I think she was in her right to do it."



Another website that featured an article about Elisha Strom stalking JADE is without the hyphen, which is run by a man named Alex Jones, whose radio show you should listen to any time of day online, or on shortwave radio on the GCN networi from 12-4 pm EST or 10-2AM EST. It's a very good radio show, both entertaining and informative.

Yes, they shouldn't be special because they're cops, what they are doing is in the open world, someone is going to see them, they should get better at being undercover if they want to go unnoticed.

Amazing responses. So....we want to make it harder for the police to protect us. People think the police are jerks until they need them. The put their lives on the line every day......we should be thanking rather than making their jobs harder.

Bob, I think most of them are jerks all the time. "Needing them" doesn't change my opinion one bit.

They don't put their lives on the line every day. I get so tired of hearing that bullsheet all the time! They're not even in the top 10 of the most dangerous professions.