LETTER- Correction: Like the car, Rugby keeps going

Contrary to what is stated in your story, [August 7 news: "Driver missing: After 85mph car scalps house"], the south branch of Rugby Road does not intersect with Preston Avenue and Barracks Road at the light where the car ran through the barricade.

It does meet Preston Ave there, but not Barracks Road. Rugby Road continues, taking a sharp left on its way to meet Barracks Road two lights to the west, where itangles off to the right and continues until it dead-ends at the 29/250 Bypass.

 Given the number of tourists, student drivers, and drunks who have approached that intersection from the south in dark, foggy, gloomy, slippery, and otherwise imperfect conditions, I am astounded that they all made the left or right turn and none of them took the same flight– until now. When I first observed this intersection as a driver back in the 50's, I assumed that people missed the turn a couple of times a month at a minimum. Maybe the saving factor is that the damned light is almost always red when one approaches it.

Good story. Until I read your account, I had no idea that the stolen car flew almost all the way to Rugby Avenue. Muggles beware! 

Roger Adams