LETTER- Stop using tax money to sue competitor

You gotta love Tom Frederick and the RWSA. Now he wants to use RICO to stop competitors from poaching on his trash business. [August 17 news:

Mr. Van der Linde is apparently undercutting Mr. Frederick. So of course Mr. Frederick wants him out of business.

Using RICO with taxpayer money merely means Frederick believes he can outspend his competition. I for sure don't want my taxpayer dollars to pay for Frederick's attempt to stamp out competition. Mr. Van der Linde is spending his own money. Mr. Frederick is using our dollars. Shame.

Derek Oppen


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What in hell is wrong the Albemarle County?? What right does the RWSA have in suing private enterprise with taxpayer dollars. Is no one paying attention to the wasteful spending. Also, in this severe depression why is the city spending millions on amusements and recreation?? Where is the fiscal accountability and responsibility? Every taxpayer should be screaming to the high heavens.