Emily W. Chewning to Samuel W. Fielden and Christina L. Cunnington, 415 12th Street NW, $180,000.

NVR Inc. to Lucas John Martin, 909 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, $265,648.

Kenneth E. Murczek to Sterling M. Steppe Jr., 304 11th Street NW, $139,000.

Judith L. McLeod to Adam Healey, condominium unit in Belmont Lofts, 200 Douglas Avenue, $404,500.


Luke Kitelinger to Donald A. Johnson and Mara C. Cohen, 1008 Meridian Street, $173,000.

Aaron M. Peters to Aaron M. Peters and Heidi Keup, 1919 Greenbrier Drive, Greenbrier, gift.

Reade D. and Lee Catherine Clayton to Katherine A. R. Brookeman, 708 Park Street, $470,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Andrew S. Pettit, 945 Raymond Road, $333,000.

Hauser Homes LLC to Christopher Smith and Dawn Papas, 814 Village Road, $530,030.

MGR Development Corp. to Joshua D. Adams, 113 Blincoe Lane, Moore's Creek, $305,837.

Helene V. Ramos to William T. Wojtach and Sahar Z. Akhtar, 1711 Rugby Road, $435,000.


Gregory A. Knight to Rosemary Knight, 917 St. Charles Avenue, gift.

NVR Inc. to Tremain E. Wheatley and Amanda L. Kennedy, 907 Bing Lane, Cherry Hills, $278,158.

Robert R. and Alma G. Atkins to Andrew R. and Jessica A. Critchlow, 623 Bailey Road, $145,000.

Cade and Karen Lemcke to Mark D. and Diane Osusa, 2250 Cornwall Road, $217,500.

Timothy J. Brazille and Dawn Leigh Anderson to Dawn Leigh Anderson, condominium in Belmont Lofts, 202 Douglas Avenue, no price given.

Ronald W. Wenger to Timothy J. Brazille, condominum unit in Belmont Lofts, 202 Douglas Avenue, $196,000.


Tenth and Market LLC to Justin S. Smith, 210 10th Street, unit 28, $820,000.

Southern Property LLC to Alberto A. and Joanne Gonzales, 946 Raymond Road, Brookwood, $384,825.

Southland Homes Inc. to Kristen E. Eberly, 1123 St. Charles Court, $362,900.

Diana R. Stewart to Eilish Fitzgerald, 915 Blenheim Avenue, $245,000.

Jean E. and David A. Hiatt to Jean-Pierre Geuens, 1540 Rugby Avenue, $320,000.


Faye P. Taylor to Steven M. Boker and Valerie A. Larsen, 1934 Blue Ridge Road, $705,000.

Page Street LLC to Michael I. Burch and Sherilynn J. Hummel and Michelle Hummel Burch, 1207 John Street, $339,900.


Ronald A. Peron and Valerie A. Andres to Richard C. and Jance M. Abrams, 606 St. Charles Avenue, $305,000.

Star Hill Cottages LLC to SeJin and Miim Kwak, unit in Cream Street condominiums, $214,575.

Big deal


Faye P. Taylor to Steven M. Boker and Valerie A. Larsen, 1934 Blue Ridge Road, $705,000.